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Training for Vertebrate Animal Users

The 3 Components of Training

1) All vertebrate animal users must complete the online module entitled "Working with the IACUC." This is found in the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Learning Library. Instructions for accessing the AALAS Learning Library are below. Upon successful completion, save a copy of the certificate (pdf) and submit to the IACUC Chair at This component of training is valid for 3 years.

2) Laboratory animal users and field researchers will use different resources to complete the second component of training. This component of training is valid for 3 years.

Laboratory animal users must complete the species-specific module avaiable in the AALAS Learning Library (choose the appropriate species from the menu of the Learning Library. Submit the certificate of completion to the IACUC Chair, as above.

Field researchers should read the guidelines for the specific group of vertebrates used in the study. These are availabe on the "Guidelines" page. Submit a signed statement that you have read and understand these guidelines to the IACUC Chair.

3) All users must become familiar with the procedures and risks involved in the particular study. All personnel involved in the study will sign a statement on the protocol application that confirms understanding of these procedures and risks. This component of training should be repeated for each protocol.

According to Federal Mandate:

Institutions that use animals for research, teaching, research training, and biological testing must establish an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to oversee and evaluate all aspects of the institution’s animal care and use program involving any vertebrate. The IACUC is a self-regulating entity with authority that is derived from two sources: (1) the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) plus amendments, which is administered through USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), and (2) the Health Research Extension Act (Public Health Service Act) which is administered through the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) of NIH.

The 1985 amendment of the latter act provided legislative authority for enforcing PHS policy, and established the organization and operation of an IACUC. The IACUC reviews activities involving animals for compliance with federal, state and local laws, regulations and guidelines. The 1985 amendment to the AWA, and the PHS policy assign a training function to the IACUC to ensure that appropriate training is provided to staff who care for animals and for animal users.

Registration Instructions for OU Faculty & Staff


The procedures for using this training site (AALAS Learning Library) are slightly different depending on whether this is the first time you are using it, in which case you must first become a registered user, or if you are already a registered user. If this is your first time, please contact the OU-Norman IACUC Administrator at and they will send you the directions with an access code that you will need for enrollment.