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Next Meeting: January 2012 .

University of Oklahoma announces new Energy Star, energy conservation policy with the University of Oklahoma Purchasing Department Energy Star.

The policy states: "Principal Intent. Although exceptions may be indicated on a case-by-case basis (e.g., the Energy Star designation may not exist for a particular class of appliance or equipment), this policy covers the acquisition of appliances and equipment for use on University property or for University purposes (Acquisitions). It is the intent that this policy applies irrespective of source of funds. Requests for exceptions should be made to the University’s Purchasing Department. Policy. Acquisitions shall be limited to those appliances and equipment that bear the Energy Star designation of the Environmental Protection Agency."

City of Norman builds LEED certified fire station; read the story: here and here.

The 2010 College Sustainability Report Card has been released: University of Oklahoma. In 2010, the University of Oklahoma received an overall grade of C compared to a C+ score in 2009. The University of Oklahoma's stronger areas included: Climate Change and Energy (grade of B), Food and Recycling (grade of B), and Transportation (grade of B). The report also noted that efforts to make buildings more green or LEED certified in a systematic manner, so far, were:

"Some buildings have been outfitted with motion sensor lighting systems. In addition, renovations of residence halls include installation of compact fluorescent bulbs, low-flow toilets, and energy-saving washers and dryers. A high-efficiency dish washing machine has been added to the cafeteria."

ECC September 2008 Advisory Resolution to University of Oklahoma on Environmental Sustainability and Mitigating Global Climate Change:

Whereas, David Boren, President of the University of Oklahoma has signed the American College and University President's Climate Commitment;

Whereas, the American College and University President's Climate Commitment addresses efforts toward global conservation and sustainability by garnering institutional commitments to work toward neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating the research and educational efforts of higher education to equip society to re-stabilize the earth's climate;

Be it resolved, that the University of Oklahoma Environmental Concerns Committee calls for and recommends the following goals for the University of Oklahoma to work toward neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions and efforts toward global conservation and sustainability:

1. Inventory global warming emissions for the University of Oklahoma, set reduction targets, and create an action plan;

2. Adopt land-use policies that preserve open space and create a compact pedestrian and bicycling University of Oklahoma campus;

3. Promote transportation options such as bicycling, commute trip reduction programs, and incentives for car pooling and public transit;

4. Increase the use of clean renewable energy;

5. Make energy efficiency a priority through building code improvements, retrofitting University of Oklahoma facilities with energy efficient lighting, and encouraging employees to conserve energy;

6. Encourage the purchase of energy-efficient equipment (e.g. Energy Star appliances) for University of Oklahoma use;

7. Practice and promote sustainable building practices (e.g. using the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Program or similar systems);

8. Increase the average fuel efficiency of University of Oklahoma fleet vehicles (e.g. reduce the number of vehicles; launch an employee education program including anti-idling messages; covert diesel vehicles to bio-diesel, etc.);

9. Evaluate opportunities to encourage water conservation and reuse including land management;

10. Increase recycling and reducing waste for the University of Oklahoma;

11. Maintain green spaces; promote tree planting to increase shading and uptake of CO2; and

12. Collaborate interactively with organizations and individuals inside and outside of the University of Oklahoma to promote environmental education and stewardship including about the causes, problems, and ways to reduce global warming.

Community Announcements:

OU Recycles
Help the university save money and help the environment by recycling. If you want recycling bins, have questions, or need a special pick-up contact Email: Recycling@ou.edu or Phone: 325-8068. For more information about OU’s Recycling Program go to http://www.physicalplant.ou.edu/ and click on Recycling and Refuse on the main menu on the top left.

Current Issues

  • Recycling on campus
  • Communication with the campus community
  • Green building practices
  • Energy conversation
  • Alternative transportation
  • Global Climate Change

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The mission of the Environmental Concerns Committee is
to advise the president of the university concerning environmental issues and to promote awareness of energy and other resources conservation, recycling, and personal and environmental well being and safety.