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OU Recycling & Refuse
OUr Earth
University of Oklahoma Environmental Health and Safety Office
OU Bicycle Initiative
National Wildlife Federation

State and Local
Concrete Buffalo--Oklahoma's Independent Source for Environmental News
Oklahoma Sustainability Network
Norman Sustainability Network
Intertribal Environmental Council
Oklahomans for New Transportation Alternatives Coalition
Oklahoma Sierra Club
Passenger Rail Oklahoma
Norman Greenbelt Commission
Wildcare Foundation
Norman Environmental Control Advisory Board
Oklahoma Association for Environmental Education

Green Lifestyles
The Green Guide

Better Times e-zine
Green Pages Online, http://www.greenpages.org
Recycled content of paper products, http://www.nrdc.org/land/forests/gtissue.asp
GreenDisk, http://www.greendisk.com/ - a source for disposing things from CDs to PCs

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The mission of the Environmental Concerns Committee is
to advise the president of the university concerning environmental issues and to promote awareness of energy and other resources conservation, recycling, and personal and environmental well being and safety.