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Name Affiliation Term Expires
Michael Givel (Chair) Faculty Senate Appointee 2012
Mike Crowson Faculty Senate Appointee 2014
Molly Strothmann President's Office Faculty Appointee 2013
David Dagg Staff Senate Appointee 2012
John Arana Staff Senate Appointee 2011
Sue Anna Miller President's Office Staff Appointee 2013
  UOSA Appointee  
  UOSA Appointee  
  President's Office Student Appointee  
Facilities Management  
Dennis Glover A&E Services  
  Public Affairs  
Trent Brown Environmental Health & Safety Office--Office of Compliance  
Nick Hathaway President's Office Staff  
  Refuse & Recycling  
Deborah Dalton Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Environment  

The mission of the Environmental Concerns Committee is
to advise the president of the university concerning environmental issues and to promote awareness of energy and other resources conservation, recycling, and personal and environmental well being and safety.