University of Oklahoma Faculty Senate (Norman campus)

Faculty Welfare Committee


A resolution supporting recognition as a Bicycle Friendly University (revisions as of April 2012 in bold)

WHEREAS, bicycling provides an efficient and convenient means of travel to and around campus, increases campus connectivity, and is an important mode of transportation between the main campus and south campus;

WHEREAS, bicycling directly reduces carbon emissions and generates no air pollution and therefore can be an important component of the campus commitment to the use of environmentally-friendly (“green”) technologies;

WHEREAS, the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment reports that “Several hundred colleges and universities are implementing plans to make their campuses more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, thereby saving money and reducing their ecological footprint.”  (;

WHEREAS, commuting to campus and traveling around campus by bicycle is an option that many find appealing, and the efficiency and prevalence of commuting to campus by bicycle will be enhanced by coordination of campus bicycle routes with City of Norman bicycle routes where feasible, developing programs that provide recognition and encouragement for bicycle commuters, and providing resources to accommodate bicycle commuters such as racks on buses;

WHEREAS, bicycling improves health and fitness, bicycling is ranked among the top three exercises for improving cardiovascular fitness, bicycling to campus provides a sustainable and time-efficient exercise regimen, and a bicyclist-friendly campus is a simple and cost-effective way to promote wellness;

WHEREAS, construction of bicycle infrastructure actually is a money-saving option when it offsets the need to build and maintain additional infrastructure for motorized vehicles;

WHEREAS, increased bicycle commuting reduces traffic congestion and improves the availability of parking for those who need to drive or who prefer to drive a vehicle to campus;

WHEREAS, bicyclists are easily accommodated in the dense core of the campus since 10 to 12 bicycles can be accommodated in the space required by one car (;

WHEREAS, Norman and Tulsa, home to two OU campuses, are the only two cities in Oklahoma recognized as Bicycle Friendly Communities;

WHEREAS, a Bicycle Friendly University “is an environment that welcomes cyclists of all skill levels, to ride safely and comfortably” (;

HEREAS, members of the University community are more likely to bike if they are welcomed and accommodated;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of The University of Oklahoma hereby requests that The University of Oklahoma develop a plan to attain recognition within the next five years as a Bicycle Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists.