Information from Amy Davenport, Recreational Services Director,
concerning Huston Huffman Membership Reduction


From: Amy Davenport
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 2:04 PM
Subject: Huston Huffman Membership Reduction

Dear Valerie,

Could you please pass this information on to Faculty Senate?  This is exciting news that goes into effect next month. Also, as we discussed a few weeks ago, I am working on a complete membership price review. I am currently working on the family rates as well as our other membership categories. I expect all of our prices to decrease so that we can better promote health on campus with our faculty, staff, and their families.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Amy Davenport


Recreational Services



In response to requests made last week at an open forum sponsored by the Staff Senate, University of Oklahoma President David Boren announced today reduced faculty and staff monthly membership fees for the Huston Huffman Fitness Center.

Boren said "We are going to reduce monthly membership fees for faculty and staff to belong to the Huston Huffman from $30 per month to $20 per month, effective April 1."

Boren and Clarke Stroud, vice president for student affairs, made this decision after carefully looking at the budget. Boren was following up on a request made last week at the OU Staff Senate forum.

Boren said "Our staff and our faculty are second to none in their loyalty and hard work on behalf of this institution. Within the limits of our budgetary constraints, we want to send the strongest possible message of appreciation for their outstanding work."

Faculty and staff members who currently utilize the payroll deduction system for their Huston Huffman membership will notice an automatic change on their payroll stub that is issued after April 1st. No action is required on behalf of the faculty or staff member for the price reduction to take place.


From: Amy Davenport []
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 12:21 PM
Subject: RE: Huston Huffman Membership Reduction



I have received questions regarding the $20/month price for the Huston Huffman Center membership, additional family memberships for faculty and staff members, as well as whether or not the pool is included in the membership. Could you please pass this email on to members of the Faculty Senate?


Below are answers to the most common questions:

1.  The $20/month rate applies to prepaid annual memberships and annual payroll deduction memberships. 

2.  Faculty and staff may purchase additional family memberships at $17/month effective April 1, 2005 for each additional member through the annual payroll deduction program or by prepaying for an annual membership. To purchase additional family memberships, the faculty or staff member who has joined or will be joining at the same time must be present and must provide proof of living in the same residence or marriage. In order for faculty or staff spouses and families to qualify for membership, the faculty or staff person must also be a member. 

3.  The Huston Huffman Center facility is not designed to accommodate children. If faculty or staff have children living at home who are 18 years of age or older, the children may join as additional members. The Murray Case Sells Swim Complex is open to the public. Therefore, children may use the Murray Case Sells Swim complex with a daily membership or a packaged membership when accompanied by an adult. 

4.  Open swim and lap swim at the Murray Case Sells Swim Complex are included in the membership rate.   

5.  Group Fitness (Aerobic) Classes are included in the membership.

6.  Lockers are included in the membership, based on availability.


Thank you so much for your help in getting the word out about our new rate plans.   

Be healthy!