Whereas, an act establishing a UOSA Statement of Academic Integrity and an Honor Council came into existence through the commendable efforts of our university students: the author, Dean Spears and its co-sponsors Pal Randhawa, Amber Khan, Mary Millben, Trevor Tullius, Keegan Drake, and Jay Malone,


Whereas, the student congress and graduate student senate successfully passed the Academic Integrity Act in the fall of 2003,


Whereas, since its inception, the UOSA Honor Council has faithfully educated its peers about the professional and personal benefits of academic integrity,


Whereas, the UOSA Honor Council continues to raise the bar of academic performance in our institution through its aspiration to create an environment of respect for the Statement of Academic Integrity and commitment to the high standards it represents,


Whereas, the Statement of Academic Integrity expresses our student body's pledge to the ideals of our profession in its affirmation, "On my honor I affirm that I have neither given nor received inappropriate aid in the completion of this exercise,"


Whereas, the existence of the UOSA Honor Council and the Statement of Academic Integrity is a source of pride for all members of the University faculty,


Be it therefore resolved that the University of Oklahoma Faculty Senate endorses the Statement of Academic Integrity and applauds the accomplishments of the UOSA Honor Council.