A resolution supporting the development of a network of bicycle lanes, paths and parking areas on the Norman campus and their integration with the surrounding community.

WHEREAS, commuting by bicycle is an option that many find appealing;

WHEREAS, the prevalence of bicycle commuting is expected to increase in coming years due to both cost and environmental considerations;

WHEREAS, bicycling provides an efficient and convenient means of travel around campus and its importance will increase as the Norman campus grows to the south;

WHEREAS, development of bicycle lanes and paths improves safety for bicyclists and pedestrians and decreases automobile-bicycle collisions;

WHEREAS, most major universities have a network of bicycle lanes and paths;

WHEREAS, the flat terrain of the Norman campus and surrounding area is well-suited for bicycling, the area climate is generally well-suited for bicycling on a year-round basis, and most of Norman is within a typical bicycle commuting distance from campus;

WHEREAS, bicycling improves health and fitness, bicycling is ranked among the top three exercises for improving cardiovascular fitness, bicycling to campus provides a sustainable and time-efficient exercise regimen, and a bicyclist-friendly campus is a simple and cost-effective way to promote wellness;

WHEREAS, bicycling directly reduces carbon emissions and generates no air pollution and therefore can be an important component of the campus commitment to the use of environmentally-friendly (“green”) technologies;

WHEREAS, bicyclists are easily accommodated in the dense core of the campus since a parked bicycle occupies a small amount of this scarce campus real estate;

WHEREAS, construction of bicycle infrastructure actually is a money-saving option when it offsets the need to build additional infrastructure for motorized vehicles;

WHEREAS, increased bicycle commuting improves the availability of parking for those who are unable to bike or walk and for those who prefer to drive;

WHEREAS, inclusion of a comprehensive bicycle plan into the campus development plan is necessary to preserve bicycling corridors before they are compromised by construction of new buildings, streets, and sidewalks;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of The University of Oklahoma hereby requests that The University of Oklahoma move expeditiously to plan, design and construct a network of bicycle lanes, paths and parking areas in accordance with national design standards that facilitates safe and efficient travel by bicycle across and around the Norman campus and to coordinate efforts with the City of Norman so that the campus network is integrated with the surrounding community, thereby improving bicycle access to and from the campus.