Central Campus Task Force

Chair: Catherine Hobbs (ENGL)

Members: Boris Apanasov (MATH), Michael Biggerstaff (METR), LeRoy Blank (CHEM)

Janet Croft (ULIB), John Scamehorn (CH E),

Ex-officio: Rachel Muchmore (Student Congress Rep.)



          The Central Campus Task Force of the Faculty Senate gratefully acknowledges the remarkable enhancements in facilities and other aspects of University life for students, faculty and staff in the past decade under the current presidential and administrative university leadership. We offer the recommendations below not to impede, but to substantively aid and encourage the rapid development and smooth operation of new research and laboratory teaching facilities for departments such as Chemistry and Biochemistry. 


Given the common goal of the administration, faculty, staff, and students to make the University of Oklahoma a world-class educational institution that fosters partnerships to create an academic environment promoting equal access to the highest quality of instruction and use of advanced technology, let it be resolved that:


1) Until such time as efficient, sound and reliable transportation and appropriate scheduling infrastructure are in place, the university should continue to offer those general education and service lecture courses that affect a large number of students on the main campus; further,


2) administration should involve faculty, staff, and student leadership early in plans for the long-range growth of the university, making use of established channels such as Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, and Student Government; and, finally,


3) long-term planning for adequate, environmentally responsible, efficient and reliable transportation between main campus and south campus should begin immediately in order to accommodate planned future growth of the campuses.