WHEREAS various pieces of legislation have been or will be introduced in the Oklahoma State Legislature which would allow firearms and/or other weapons to be brought onto public university and college campuses; and


WHEREAS, the Faculty Senate represents all faculty members on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus; and


WHEREAS, we, as faculty members, believe one of our duties is to serve as role models for our students through a positive and supportive educational environment; and


WHEREAS, we, as faculty members, are sensitive to and aware of the physical, mental, and emotional trauma associated with school violence; and


WHEREAS, the policies of the university that provide safety to all of its constituencies and the specific actions of its security team(s) could be severely compromised by uncoordinated individual action for which the institution would bear the ultimate responsibility, and


WHEREAS, we, as faculty members, feel that the campus should continue to be a place that is safe for all students, staff, faculty, and their families, as well as visitors;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate of the University of Oklahoma hereby proposes that no firearms, except those explicitly allowed by duly authorized law enforcement personnel, be allowed on any campus grounds without the prior specifically authorized consent of the individual educational institution of concern so that the facilities, classrooms, and campus grounds will continue to be a positive educational and working environment for all who are employed by, attend classes in, and/or visit the campus.