1. Faculty compensation: priority on continued raises and study of promotion increase.


2. Retirement benefits: work with Nick Kelly to educate faculty about retirement options and aid in the transition.  Advisor on retirement companies.


3. Health benefits: monitor transition to 2005 insurance company.


4. Faculty development fund: refine the committee structure and granting process.  Work for increased support in the future.


5. Ranked renewable term faculty: monitor the number of RT faculty and its impact annually. 


6. Legislative relations: work with President Boren to increase state support for OU.


7. Gender issues: endowed chairs, spousal hires.


8. Regents policy manual: final proofing and vote on “Financial Emergency” section.


9. Task force recommendations on classroom renovations: monitor implementation of one-time funds.  Annual renovations: Provost to establish advisory committee.


10. Approve Campus Tenure Committee recommendation to discontinue its review of hire-with-tenure cases.


11. Approve recommendation of post-tenure review committee.


12. Work on additional issues with classroom technology management and IT.  Consider new and interim ITC policies.