1.       OU ADVANCE program: Faculty Equity/Diversity Taskforce


2.       Status of plus/minus grading?


3.       UOSA's joint efforts with Faculty Senate:

·         OU/OSU weekend blood drive

·         Recycling

·         Bike to school day


4.       Parking:

·         Charged for a permit for both car and scooter

·         Problem with students parking in Dale Hall lot

·         Designated parking spaces for faculty


5.       Tuition for employee children:

·         Endowment for scholarships and fellowships

·         Free or reduced

·         Reciprocal agreements with other Big 12 institutions


6.       Health benefits/Wellness:

·         Retiree health benefits.

·         Potential taxation of medical care programs

·         Cost of dependent medical coverage

·         Free admission to Huston-Huffman

·         Enhanced health insurance benefits for those at lower-risk 1. 

·         Become a non-smoking campus.


7.       Green issues:

·         OU Bike Plan

·         Improve pedestrian safety thru brighter crosswalk markings, better alerting / signaling, and better enforcement (e.g., running of red lights, speeding) on streets that cross or abut the campus (primarily Boyd, Elm, Jenkins and Lindsey).

·         Add dedicated marked bike lanes, with particular attention given to the streets that transect campus and that approach campus.

·         Bike to school day—perks for biking—bike campaign?

·         Recycling—work with OUr Earth/Greening Norman


8.       Salary:

·         Compression

·         Continued increase in salaries including higher bonuses and compensation to those who perform excellently.


9.       Perks for faculty:

·         See the Chronicle Issue “Great Colleges to Work For”:



10.   OTRS:

·         Why is our teacher retirement fund not funded? 


11.   Development of an Institutional Repository


12.   Tulsa Issues:

·         Faculty not included in decisions:

o        The decision to make the Tulsa campus smoke free

·         More leadership come to Tulsa:

o        Once/week transport

·         Promote research:

o        Assistance in navigating processes including IRB

o        Emphasize collaboration