Report of the Faculty Senate Committee on Proposed Health Benefit Changes


The Committee reports the following:

First, we appreciate that:

Overall, we are encouraged by the good faith exhibited by Administration Representatives in dealing with us about the transformation of the health care options. Process matters. It establishes trust.

Second, we do have concerns:

Third, we have recommendations.

In conclusion, we think the Administration has done a good job overall in negotiating the best plans possible for its employees. We accept what has been realized so far, but we cannot endorse the plan changes until more information about the plans becomes available and we have experience with the new plan administrators.

We encourage the Senate to use its positions on the Employment Benefits Committee, its own Welfare Committee, and its present and past leadership to continue the dialogue that has started with the Administration on all of the issues identified herein. We make clear that we are not opposed to what has been done so far. We appreciate much. Still, until complete information and more experience with the changes are available, we urge continuation of the emerging partnership arrangement so the best health plans possible are provided to University employees.