845 sent to faculty; 215 returned (25.4%).

1. and 2. Health coverage and level of satisfaction.
Prudential (52): very satisfied-4, satisfied-25, no opinion-2, unsatisfied-17, very unsatisfied-4
Blue Cross (160): very satisfied-25, satisfied-102, no opinion-6, unsatisfied-22, very unsatisfied-5
Other (2)
No answer (1)

3. Understanding of retirement program (214): completely-37, somewhat-132, no opinion-6, puzzled-33, not at all-6

4. Awareness/satisfaction regarding employee assistance program (211): very satisfied-4, satisfied-48, unsatisfied-9, very unsatisfied-4, unaware-146

5. Satisfaction with fitness options (206): very satisfied-2, satisfied-48, unsatisfied-46, very unsatisfied-29, unaware-81

6. Satisfaction with University child care options (171): very satisfied-4, satisfied-34, unsatisfied-19, very unsatisfied-14, unaware-100

7. Satisfaction with range/level of benefits (204): very satisfied-9, satisfied-105, no opinion-18, unsatisfied-60, very unsatisfied-12

10. Satisfaction with information provided by OU Benefits Office regarding available benefits (205): very satisfied-24, satisfied-133, no opinion-25, unsatisfied-18, very unsatisfied-5

8. and 9. Changes suggested and problems with benefits provided (broken down by health care coverage).


Coverage or claims problems (25) -- processing of claims, out-of-state coverage for employees and retirees
Retirement (20) -- level of retirement benefit, complaints about OTRS
Vision (12) -- lack of benefit
Cost of health care (12) -- comparison to other universities made several times
Fitness (10) -- cost of H. Huffman
Family issues (7) -- child care, spouse coverage for all benefits
Enrollment/Benefits office complaints (6) -- lack of phone coverage during enrollment
Dental (6) -- poor level of coverage
Free benefits (5) -- tuition, golf privileges, e-mail for retirees, better Internet at home
Prescriptions (4) -- need better coverage
Benefits already existing (2) -- disability, coverage for birth control pills
Miscellaneous (2) -- quality of Goddard
Good job by Benefits Office (1)


Coverage or claims problems (17) -- lack of affiliation with Norman Regional Hospital, long waits for appointments, inability to talk about more than one problem without additional co-pay, denial of claims
Enrollment/Benefits office complaints (6) -- no person available
Retirement (6) -- OTRS complaints
Family issues (6) -- child care
Vision (5) -- lack of benefit
Cost of health care (5) -- deductible too high
Fitness (4) -- cost of H. Huffman
Dental (3) -- need better value
Prescriptions (3) -- need better coverage
Miscellaneous (3) -- better parking options, alternative medicine
Free benefits (1) -- H. Huffman, tuition for spouse/children
Benefits already existing (1) -- out of state health coverage for children


Vision (2) -- lack of benefit
Enrollment/Benefits office complaints (1) -- forms due at busiest time of year