DRAFT Policy for Senior Faculty Positions


Faculty may be appointed to endowed chairs and professorships.

(a) Criteria for Selection
Specific criteria for the selection of occupants may be established for particular endowed chairs or professorships, as appropriate. To qualify for an endowed chair or professorship, a faculty member must be distinguished within a particular academic field or an interdisciplinary program.

The Senior Vice President and Provost will solicit recommendations for the chair or professorship from the appropriate academic unit. The unit may request either an internal or external search.

For an internal search, the academic unit may submit to the college dean the name of one or more of its tenured professors of appropriate rank. The unit will be responsible for assembling the supporting documentation and conducting an appropriate review. The supporting documentation may include, but need not be limited to, letters from external evaluators. The supporting documentation will include specific evidence that the nominee meets the criteria for selection. The dean of the college will review the recommendation and add his or her comments to the recommendation. The dean will submit the recommendation and supporting documents to the Senior Vice President and Provost. The Senior Vice President and Provost, after consultation, may make a recommendation to the President. The academic unit may alternately request an external search.

( b) Review or Search Committee
In either of the above cases,
the Senior Vice President and Provost, with advice and counsel of the dean and department head will appoint the Review or Search Committee. The Review or Search Committees for occupants of endowed chairs and professorships shall be composed of (1) two faculty members from the academic unit concerned, (2) two outside individuals distinguished within the relevant area and appointed by the President, and (3) either the dean of the relevant college or a faculty member appointed by that dean. (The Regents prefer and expect the dean to serve.)

At least one member will be from outside the University and at least one member from another college. The President and the Senior Vice President and Provost will meet with the Review or Search Committee (and the dean and department head if appropriate) to hear their recommendations. The Senior Vice President and Provost, after consultation, may make a recommendation to the President. The President may approve and forward the appointment to the Board of Regents or may reject it and request further searching.

(c ) Term of the Award
For endowed chairs only, the appointee must be a tenured faculty member or receive tenure on appointment to an endowed chair in accord with Section 3.7.3(e). The term of an endowed chair, unless contract stipulations require otherwise, is continuous until retirement or until the endowment is withdrawn.

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