Revised ITC proposal for an OU Network Policy.


Submitted to Faculty Senate, October 5, 2005.


University of Oklahoma


Network Policy


The University’s computer systems and networks are shared resources used by many individuals to carry out the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service.  Use of these resources must be ethical, accord with principles of academic honesty and academic freedom, respect the rights of other users, demonstrate respect for intellectual property and ownership of data, respect system security mechanisms, and promote an environment free from intimidation and harassment.


By using University computer systems and networks, users agree to abide by approved University information technology policies* and to comply with applicable state and federal laws. This policy outlines services and responsibilities of individual users, academic and administrative units, and Information Technology (IT). 


I. CONTROL, RESPONSIBILITY, AND ACCOUNTABILITY: IT has responsibility for maintaining the reliability, accessibility, and security of the network. 


A. The network should be accessible to all authorized users for the utilization of standard services.


B. University organizations have a right to maintain locally-administered networks that connect to the University network, provided they conform to University network policies. IT will work with LAN administrators to support this policy.


C. IT has responsibility to approve the design, deployment, and management of campus wireless networks. A network-wide approach must be taken to minimize interference, secure the wireless networks, and ensure the integrity of the campus computing systems connected to these networks


D. IT will maintain a support structure for resolving user concerns.


E. Users have the responsibility to observe University policy and are accountable for their actions. No user shall willfully violate any university, state or federal rules governing the operation of the network or the dissemination of information through it.



II. RELIABILITY AND PERFORMANCE: Network performance should be highly reliable to support the work of the University, subject to administrative, physical and fiscal constraints. IT will work with the internet service provider to maintain network performance up to professional standards.


III. SECURITY: IT has the responsibility to protect the network from access by unauthorized persons or groups.


IV. ACCESSIBILITY: All members of the University community must have appropriate access to the University network and services, without regard to disability, physical location, or platform, within administrative, physical, and fiscal constraints. The content of materials accessed via the network by legitimate users shall not be abridged or censored, except as required by law.



*For approved University policies, see