University of Oklahoma Faculty Handbook

Student-Faculty Policies and Information










a)      Final examinations are scheduled at the end of each semester and are preceded by pre-finals week which shall begin seven (7) days prior to the first day of finals.


b)      During pre-finals week, all normal class activities will continue; however, no assignment, test, or examination accounting for more than 5% of the course grade may be given.  No activity or field trip may be scheduled that conflicts with another class.  This excludes make-up examinations, laboratory examinations, and out-of-class assignments/projects.


c)      During pre-finals week no University of Oklahoma Student Association (UOSA) organization may hold meetings, banquets, receptions, or may sponsor or participate in any activity, program, or related function that requires student participation.


d)      All University laboratory classes and independent study courses are exempt from this policy.  It also does not apply to classes meeting one day a week for more than one hour with a start time before 5:00 p.m. and evening classes.






a)      Any deviation from the above policy must be clearly stated in the initial course syllabus and have prior approval by the chair of the department.


b)      Special requests made by a student for an extension of assignment deadlines into pre-finals week may be granted subject to the discretion of the instructor.


c)      Violations to this policy should be reported to the chair of the department in which the course is taught or, in special circumstances, to the dean of the college and may be grounds for grade appeal.


d)      This policy applies only to 16-week courses during the spring and fall semesters.


e)      This policy shall remain in force until reviewed no sooner than 2014.