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You are invited to discover some of the university’s most outstanding teachers and researchers through the OU Speakers Service. Faculty and staff speakers from a wide variety of disciplines donate their time to share the educational resources available at the University of Oklahoma — your university. Designed for use by business, civic, educational and service organizations throughout the state of Oklahoma, the OU Speakers Service offers a list of speakers and topics from which you can choose, or the coordinator will work with you to tailor a program especially for your group.

Participants’ travel expenses are provided by the OU Foundation. The Speakers Service is administered by the OU Faculty Senate. The staff can assist you in choosing a speaker appropriate for your organization. Every effort will be made to accommodate all requests, but please make your requests at least three to four weeks in advance of when you want the speaker to be confirmed. If you have a "press deadline" be sure to take that into account when requesting your speaker.

To arrange for a speaker, please complete our SPEAKER REQUEST FORM.

The following is a list of our speakers and their topics. If you have questions or would like any additional information, please contact the OU Faculty Senate, Norman, OK 73019, (405) 325-6789,

Eric Abraham, Physics and Astronomy:
The Coldest Science: Atoms and Molecules Near Absolute Zero

Julia Abramson, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics:
Money, Morality, and Modernity: Perspectives from Enlightenment France

Roksana Alavi, Liberal Studies:
Human Rights Issues
Human Trafficking - Global and Local
Sex Trafficking - Global and Local

Katie Allen, Human Relations:
Living Gifted: Mental Health Implications for our Brightest Youth
Mental Health and Social Change: Addressing the Stigma

Karen Antell, University Libraries:
On Both Sides of the Wall: Berlin in the 1980s
Wicked Books and Why We Love Them: Censorship the Freedom to Read
Living With 1000 Freshmen: The OU Faculty-in-Residence Program

Boris Apanasov, Mathematics:
The Shape of the Universe: Magellan, Math and NASA’s Contributions

Howard Baer, Physics and Astronomy:
The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the Search for the Next Level in the Laws of Physics
The Origin and Evolution of the Universe: How It Happened and Why Do We Know It Was So
From Newton to Einstein and Beyond
Particle Physics and Cosmology
Dark Matter
Higgs Boson

Lynn Baker, Human Relations:
How to Cope With Folks Who Bug You
How to Prompt Ideas that Stick
* Click here to listen to a podcast of Lynn Baker talking about "Dealing with Difficult People", courtesy of the OU Libraries

Kash Barker, Industrial and Systems Engineering:
60% of the Time, It Works Every Time: The Problem of Innumeracy

Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Psychology:
The Cognitive Science of Fiction: The Psychology of Stories and Why We Like Them
Writing Young Adult Fiction

Fred Beard, Journalism and Mass Communication:
Humor in Advertising: Revealing the Secrets of the Silly Sell
Shockvertisements and Advertrocities: Is Offensive Advertising Unethical?

William Beasley, Meteorology:

Elizabeth Bergey, OK Biological Survey:
From Hand to Machine Sewing – Not a Seamless Transition! (aka The Early History of the Sewing Machine)

Ryan S. Bisel, Communication:
Giving and Getting the Bad News You Need to Lead

Nancy J. Blass, Graduate College Staff:
Developing Tomorrow's Physicians/Dentists/Health Professional
Mid-Life Career Changing or How Did I Get Here?
Dress the Part: Surviving Oklahoma Heat in Medieval Costumes

David Boeck, Architecture:
Aging in Place
Healthy Communities
Designing for Dementia
Drawing for Fun and Understanding the Built Environment

Ronald Bolen, Management:
The Current State of Alternative Energy and the Encouraging of Investment in the Sector

Eric Bosse, Expository Writing:
Flash Fiction: The Compressed Art of the Short-Short Story (Lecture or Workshop)
Magnificent Mistakes: Reading Original Works from a Short Story Collection
Thieves Like Us: How Poets, Fiction Writers, and Memoirists can Steal from One Another (Lecture)

Khosrow Bozorgi, Architecture:
Cinema and Architecture
Middle Eastern Architecture

Melanie Bratcher, African and African American Studies:
Africana Aesthetics: Dancing Toward Health and Healing
Africana Aesthetics: Function and Value in African and African-Derived Artistry
African and African American Studies: Critical Thinking, Community Service and Cultural Awareness

Robert Brooks, Oklahoma Archeological Survey:
Oklahoma’s First General Store
From Mounds to Mammoths
Spiro: Late Prehistoric Gateway or 15th-Century Monastery?
Spiro: Two Histories and a Mystery

Sarah Burstein, Law:
Design Patents: Apple v. Samsung and Beyond

Traci Carte, Management Information Systems:
Email Do's and Don'ts
Using Technology to Collaborate: Technology Capabilities and Individual Differences

I-Kwang Chang, Architecture:
Can We Design a Single House Capable of Tornado Resistance? A View from a Hybrid Person (Engineer + Architect)

Qi Cheng, Computer Science:
Cryptography: From Art to Science

Phillip Chilson, Meteorology (on sabbatical, and not available to speak during Spring 2014):
Weather to Fly: Tapping Into Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Investigate the Atmosphere
Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Migration: Using Weather Radar to Observe Birds, Bats and Insects
The Historical Development of Radar and How It Helped Turn the Tides of World War II
Radar Observations of the Atmosphere: Keeping Your Feet on the Ground and Your Head in the Clouds

Steven Cleveland, Law:
Executive Compensation

John Covaleskie, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies:
Religion and Politics
First Amendment and the “Wall of Separation”
The First Amendment Goes to School
Myths Driving School Reform

Janet Croft, University Libraries:
The Life of J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973)
J.R.R. Tolkien and War: The World Wars and the War of the Ring
Tolkien on Film Before Jackson: Early Film Scripts for The Lord of the Rings
Tolkien and Shakespeare: Influences, Echoes, Revisions
J.R.R. Tolkien's Father Christmas Letters
Copyright Basics for Writers
Copyright Basics for Educators
Psyche in New York: The Devil Wears Prada Updates the Myth

Bill Crynes, Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering (retired):
Outhouses: A Passing Americana
Privial Pursuit: Outhouses of Oklahoma
Far and Wide: Outhouses of the World
* Click here to listen to a podcast of Bill Crynes talking about "Outhouses: A Passing Americana", courtesy of the OU Libraries

Robert Dauffenbach, Center for Economic and Management Research:
The Oklahoma and U.S. Economies: Present Conditions and Future Prospects

Ralph Doty, Classics and Letters:
Acrobatic Professors and Blow-Dried Bunnies: Modern Urban Legends
The Mystery of Atlantis
On the Track of Bigfoot
Close Encounter at Roswell

Wayne Elisens, Botany and Microbiology:
Plant Use by the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache in the Southern Plains
Oklahoma’s Botanical Heritage
Sacred Plant Images on Maya Ceramics

Michele Eodice, Learning, Teaching, Writing:
The Problem With Plagiarism
Student Texting and the Future of Literacy
Why Writing Still Matters
How Seniors at OU Define Meaningful Writing
The Value of Collaborative Writing
What Is Student Writing Like in Other Countries?

Sterling Evans, History:
Nothing New about NAFTA: The Great Plains in Continental and Historical Perspective
The Land We Belong to Is Grand: Environment and History in 20th-Century Oklahoma
The Thirst of the West: Understanding Water History and Policy in Oklahoma
Celebrating Hispanic Culture and History in Oklahoma

Michael Fain, Drama:
Before the Applause: The Backstage World of the Theatre
Twenty-five Reasons to Hire a Theatre Major or “Why Would You Want to Major in Theatre?”
The Interdisciplinary Nature of Technical/Design in the Theatre

David Fields, Pediatrics (OU-Health Sciences Center):
It’s Not the Fat That Makes You Fat
Let’s Chew the Fat
Navigating the Crazy World of Eating Out

Ola Fincke, Biology:
Climate Change, the Birds and the Bees and our Grandchildren
Zebras and Dragons: A Tale of Introduced Species and Their Surprising Effects
A Taxpayer’s Guide to Evolution: Why You May Want Doctors, Lawyers, and Farmers to Understand Evolutionary Principles Even If You Don’t
Everyday Evolution: How Evolution Impacts our Daily Lives
A Biologist’s Perspective on Climate Change: Its Consequences on the Living World, and What We Can Do About It.

Jonathan Forman, Law:
Social Security Reform
Tax Policy
Retirement Policy in the 21st Century
Law and Economic Justice

Doug Gaffin, Biology:
Scorpion Biology: Looking for Love in All the Dark Places
University College: OU’s Award-Winning College for New Students

M. Charles Gilbert, Geology and Geophysics (retired):
Are There Mountains in Oklahoma?
Did the Oceans Ever Cover Oklahoma?
The Wichita Mountains: A Geological Storybook
How Old Are the Wichita Mountains?
What Is Geology Anyway?
What Is Beneath Your Feet?
Why are the Wichita Mountains Special?
If Hiking in the Wichitas What Rock Types Will I See and What Do They Mean?
Were There Volcanoes in Oklahoma?
What's the Deal On Earthquakes in Oklahoma?

Michael Givel, Political Science:
Gross National Happiness in Bhutan
Oklahoma Tobacco Wars
Beyond GDP: Alternative Measures of Well Being and Social Progress

Charles W. Graham, Construction Science:
Sustainable Building Design and Construction
Urban Revitalization

Michelle Grunsted, Marketing:
Social Responsibility: The Win-Win for the Future
Start Up Businesses - What does It take to get going?
Legal Environment of Business in the age of Privacy
Protect Your Business and Your Employees
Why Philanthropy is SO Important today

Katheleen Guzman, Law:
Estate Planning Essentials: Writing a Will, Creating a Trust
Reflections of Society in the Deathtime Transfer of Wealth: Who Does Society Value and How?
Asset Protection Strategies in Estate Planning: Super Policy or the Race to the Bottom?
Adult Adoption and Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer
Zombie Takeovers: Restrictions by the Dead on the Property Rights of the Living
Adverse Possession: A Helluva Way to Acquire Property
Testamentary Intents and Purposes, or Why Can’t a Casual Document Constitute a Will?

Rich Hamerla, Honors College:
Impact: Packaging the U.S. Army Air Force Fire-Raising Practice during the Second World War

Kirsten Havig, Social Work (OU-Tulsa):
Human Trafficking in Oklahoma and Beyond: Essential Issues and Emerging Responses
It’s Happening Here? The Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Children in the United States

Karen Holp, KGOU Radio:
Public Radio in Oklahoma
Marketing your Small Non-profit

Keri Kornelson, Mathematics:
Not Just a Pretty Picture: Construction and Applications of Fractals

C. Thomas Knotts, Architectural and Engineering Services (retired):
Napa, Oklahoma: The Growing Wine Business in Oklahoma

Michael Kramer, Communication:
Understanding and Improving the Experiences of Organizational Newcomers
Understanding Why and How Employees Leave Organizations
Volunteers in the Performing Arts: Understanding Community Theater and Community Choir Members
So You Want to Run a Marathon …
Parliamentary Procedure Basics: Using Robert’s Rules of Order

Glen Krutz, Political Science:
Strategic Planning for Organizations
It’s Not Just “The Bill on Capitol Hill”: How Policy Is Really Made in the U.S. Congress
The Bad and Good of Government Budget Deficits
Purposes of Political Parties in America: Elections and Governance

S. Lakshmivarahan, Computer Science:
Introduction to Data Mining
Data Assimilation and Its Role in Prediction
Introduction to Computational Finance
Introduction to Game Theory
Interdependent Security Games

Judith Lewis, History:
Life in the English Country House: The Reality Behind Downton Abbey
Those OU Professors: What Do They Do with Their Time?

Mary Linn, Anthropology, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History:
Patchwork Quilt: The History and Importance of Language Diversity
Sharing the Word: Oklahoma Native Languages in the 21st Century
Language Diversity in the US
What Is a Word? Problems from Dictionary-Making
Endangered Languages: What Does It Mean to Lose a Language?

John Lovett, University Libraries (Western History Collections):
Photography in Oklahoma: 1870-1940

Kerry Magruder, University Libraries (History of Science Collections):
Treasures of the History of Science Collections
Treasures of the Bizzell Bible Collection
The Works of Galileo: A Guided Tour of the History of Science Collections
The History of Science and the Star of Bethlehem
The Works of Charles Darwin: A Guided Tour of the History of Science Collections
Treasures of the History of Science Collections: History of Medicine
Treasures of the History of Science Collections: History of Geology
Treasures of the History of Science Collections: History of Chemistry
Treasures of the History of Science Collections: Early Printed Herbals
Treasures of the History of Science Collections: History of Astronomy

Edmund Marek, Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum:
The Abandoned Children of Romania Are Now Twenty-Somethings: Today’s Plight

Michael Markham, Biology:
Shocking Tales of Electric Fish Tell Us How the Heart Works
Weird Science: Oddball Experiments and the Transformative Discoveries they Produce

Kimball Martin, Mathematics:
Mysteries of Prime Numbers
As a Mathematician Thinketh

Jackie Massey, Honors College:
Levers of Power
Secrets of Success

Alberto Mata, Human Relations (retired):
Family Care Giving
Inhalant Abuse
Latinos in Oklahoma
Nonprofits and Voluntary Action Organizations
Servant Leadership
The Meth Problem in the State
The Military Family: Current Issues and Trends
The Common Good: Why Prosocial Values and Behaviors Matter
The Use of Stories, Parables, and Folklore to Understand the Norms of Reciprocity

Brian McCall, Law:
The Church and the Usurers: Unprofitable Lending for the Modern Economy
The Architecture of Law: How Human Law Is Only Part of a Vast Structure of Law Including Natural Law
Gambling on Our Financial Future: Credit Default Swaps and the Financial Crisis
Money and Power: the Problems of the Federal Reserve System and Fractional Reserve Banking-Understanding the Basics

Wilfred McClay, Classics and Letters, History:
The Value of the Humanities

Claude Miller, Communication:
Persuasion Within Social and Interpersonal Influences Processes
Emotion and Communication: Feeling and Thinking and the Role of Emotion in Guiding Human Behavior
Human Mortality and the Nature of Self-Esteem, Prejudice, Sexuality, Religion and Political Ideology: A Terror Management Theory Perspective
How to Talk to Adolescents and Emerging Adults About Alcohol, Drugs, and Risky Sexual Behaviors

David P. Miller, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering:
Robots for Exploring the Moon and Mars
Robots for Assisting Infants with Disabilities to Learn How to Crawl
Robots for Education

Julie Miller-Cribbs, Social Work (OU-Tulsa):
Social Work: A Noble Profession
Moving Beyond Stereotypes: What Do Social Workers Do and How Can They Help Me?
African-American Reunions: Cauldrons of Capital
Advocating for the Ones We Love: Strategies for Navigating Through Policy and Procedures to Get What You Need
Health Policy: The Basics
Poverty and the Family

Kimball Milton, Physics and Astronomy:
The Quantum Universe: From the Big Bang to Dark Energy
Nuclear Power: Part of the Solution to Climate Change?
After the Higgs: Fundamental Physics as Uncovered by the Large Hadron Collider

Farrokh Mistree, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering:
Workshop for College Bound Kids and Their Parents
Dilemmas and Dilemma Management to Secure a Sustainable Future
Zoroastrianism: A Thumbnail Sketch
Do I have a soul?

Henry Neeman, Computer Science:
Supercomputing in Plain English

Matthias Nollert, Chemical, Biological & Materials Engineering:
Tissue Engineering

Allison Palmer, Art& Art History:
Building a New Country: Neoclassical Architecture in the United States (1700s-1800s)
Building a New Nation: Colonial Architecture in the United States
Art of the Dutch Republic in the Baroque Age (1600s)
Images of Food in Dutch Baroque Art
London in the Time of Chaucer (1300s-1400s)
Filippo Brunelleschi and the Language of Architecture (1400s)
Art in the Time of the Plague
The Birth of the Italian City
The Science of Art in Renaissance Italy

R. Paul Philp, Geology and Geophysics:
Environmental Forensics or CSI Without the Violence

Robert Puls, Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences:
The Oklahoma Water Survey: What It Is, What It Does, Where It’s Going
Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources: The Path Forward
Oil and Gas Development and Protection of Water Resources
The Oklahoma Water Survey, a New Organization at OU

Shivakumar Raman, Industrial and Systems Engineering:
Reverse Engineering: Getting Product Information from a Functioning Product so that it can be Replaced
Manufacturing Processes: How to Shape and Size Materials for Applications
Additive Manufacturing: Using Processes such as 3-D Fabrication and Printing to Build Museum Artifacts, Human Parts, and Engineering Parts
Engineering Materials: Making parts with Metals, Ceramics, Plastics, and Composites

Chris Ramseyer, Civil Engineering and Environmental Science:
Structural Engineering Lessons Learned for Residential Housing due to the May 20th Moore Tornado

Joanna Rapf, English:
Watching Contentment: Perspectives on Comic Romance and Age
What My Father Bequeathed to Me: The Heritage of the Hollywood Blacklist
Movie History, Fact and Fallacy: The Case of MGM
The Eloquence of Silence: Film Comedy Before Sound
Answering a Growl”: Roscoe (“Fatty”) Arbuckle’s Talented Dog Co-Star, Luke

Nim Razook, Marketing and Supply Chain Management:
"We Broke No Laws": A Critical Look at Legal Obedience in the 21st Century
The Truth About Courts and Lawmaking: Why Doesn’t the Senate Confirmation Panel Know This?
Can Business Schools Teach Ethics? Of Course
When Products Hurt People: A Primer on the Current State of Product Liability Law

Jeffrey B. Schmidt, Marketing and Supply Chain Management
3D Printing
New Product Development
Fab Labs / Maker Spaces

Susan Schroeder, Chemistry and Biochemistry:
What a Wonderful RNA World

Ravi Shankar, Mathematics:
Modern Day Cryptography and Its Applications

Susan Sharp, Sociology:
Mean Lives, Mean Laws: Oklahoma’s Women Prisoners
America’s Fascination With Capital Punishment
The Impact of Maternal Incarceration on Families

Jeremy Short, Management & Entrepreneurship:
A Graphic Approach to Management Education

Robert Smith, Law (retired):
Last Hurrah of the James-Younger Gang
Bloody Day at Coffeyville: The End of the Dalton Gang
When Bank Robbery Was in Flower: Oklahoma in the ’30s
Forgotten War: France in Vietnam
Wild West: Outlaws and the Law in Oklahoma Territory
World War I: The Angels of Mons and Other Legends
Western Con Men and Swindlers in the Early 20th Century
The Art of Murder in England

Daniel Snell, History:
What Is Islam?
Slavery in World History
School Boards in History and Ethics

Clara Cravey Stanley, Dance:
Demystifying the World of Ballet

Ben Stewart, OU Foundation:
Institutional Investing: Making Your Charitable Gifts Last Forever

Mike Strauss, Physics and Astronomy:
The Discovery of the "God Particle" and its Significance
The Large Hadron Collider: A Look at the World’s Largest “Atom Smasher”
The Structure and Origin of the Universe: From the Smallest Scale to the Largest
Money for Nothing? Should We Support Basic Science?

Victoria Sturtevant, Film and Media Studies:
Film Literacy: Core Concepts in Visual Analysis for Citizens of a Media-Saturated World
Understanding Stereotypes in Film and Television
The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
The Films of Charlie Chaplin
How to Analyze a Film: The Graduate (1967)
Women in Film Comedy, From Mabel Normand to Kristen Wiig

David Swank, Law:
How Should Oklahoma Judges Be Selected?

Jen Tregarthen, Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History:
Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History: Galleries, Events and Programs

Katerina Tsetsura, Journalism and Mass Communication:
What Do Those PR People Actually Do? Breaking Stereotypes About Public Relations Education and Practice
Media Bribery: An International Problem
Russia in the 21st Century
“So, Is It Really Cold in Russia?” Breaking Stereotypes About Russia and Russians
What Do Russians and Americans Have in Common? Living in “the Heart of America”: A Personal Experience
Clues to Solving the Russian Puzzle: Conversations About Russia and Russians

Bruno Uchoa, Physics and Astronomy:
The Science of Novel Materials

Juanita Vargas, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies:
America’s First Ladies: What Michelle Obama and University Presidential Spouses Have in Common
Ghost Hunters: Fact or Entertainment?
Secrets of Authentic Tex-Mex Cooking
Are You Preparing Your Children for College? How Parents Can Serve as their Children's Advocates During the K-12 Years

Pramode Verma, Electrical and Computer Engineering (OU-Tulsa):
Emerging Techniques in Securing Data

Cheryl Wattley, Law:
Criminal Justice and Wrongful Convictions
Race and the Criminal Justice System
Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher and Her Lawsuit to Enter OU Law School

Lawrence Weider, Biology:
Arctic Adventures: Or, How I Got My Feet Wet Studying Arctic Pond Life
The University of Oklahoma Biological Station: Fun and Facts
The Time Machine: Using Resurrection Ecology of Long-Dormant Organisms to Study Environmental Change

T. H. Lee Williams, Graduate College:
Graduate Education: The What, Why, When, Where and How a Graduate Degree Is Important to the Individual, the University and the State

Victor Koshkin Youritzin, Art and Art History:
19th-Century American Painting
Degas: His Artistic Genius
French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Painting
How to Judge Art