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OU Parent Q & A

Q&A with OU Parent Leigh Ann Klassen

Tell us about your daughter’s college search.

The college search started with Abbie attending college fairs at her high school and staying in touch with her older friends who started college a year or two ahead of her and getting their feedback as to their college experience at their chosen colleges. She also met with a former college admissions advisor, as well as her high school counselor in order to gain more knowledge and perspective from them. Abbie researched individual colleges she was interested in attending and we made sure and scheduled campus tours at those colleges.

What were you looking for in a university?

Things that we were looking for in a university were the admission rates, graduation rates, freshmen retention rate, student to faculty ratio, school size, cost, available scholarships, graduate school options, number of academic programs available, study abroad opportunities, location, and extracurricular activities.

How did you discover OU?

Being from the Dallas area, we know a lot of people who are OU alumni and/or current students so we have had the luxury of learning about the university from many people’s perspectives over the years.

Did you come for a campus tour? Would you recommend it?

We did attend a campus tour and I would highly encourage everyone to do the same. The tour was very helpful for us not only to meet others who were interested in becoming a Sooner but also getting to know the tour guides who are current students, gathering valuable information from them, and seeing their excitement about the school and/or their chosen degree plan. The tour allowed us to see all aspects of the college, including dorm living, dining options, the library, football stadium, lecture halls, classrooms, etc.

Describe the admissions experience for your daughter.

The admissions experience at OU was painless as the website is very straightforward with details of the application process, as well as all other requirements. Our admissions counselor was very prompt and thorough in answering questions we had along the way. We were also pleased with the speed at which they notified us as to Abbie’s acceptance.

Why did your daughter decide to attend OU?

Abbie decided to attend OU after several visits at which time she said it truly felt like home. Professors, current students, faculty, and others we encountered all did a great job at answering questions and guiding her along the journey to ultimately choosing OU.

How has your daughter’s experience at OU been so far?

Abbie’s experience at OU has been great! She has enjoyed meeting new friends, learning from passionate professors who create an enjoyable learning environment, as well as actively participating in many different types of events on campus, including attending the football games!

What advice would you give other families going through the college search process?

My advice to other families going through the college search process is to actively listen to your son or daughter and help guide them, but don’t make decisions for them. I believe having your son or daughter find a school that fits them and feels like “home” to them is a key component to having a happy and successful college student.