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Pursuing Greatness

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Pursuing Greatness: Jordan McFadden's Journey from Homelessness to OU

Students at the University of Oklahoma come from all walks of life and bring their own powerful, unique stories with them. One incredible student is OU freshman Jordan McFadden, whose story you can hear in this video. McFadden has demonstrated incredible grit (could you imagine traveling three hours each way to and from high school?) and found a real home at OU, and his story truly captures the spirit of our university.

When we review applications for admission, we of course look at academic performance first. But we also look to see if you have demonstrated grit, or the trait of perseverance and having powerful motivation to achieve desired goals. We want students who will embrace challenge, overcome obstacles, and find success – just like McFadden has.

Whether you are a third-generation Sooner or the first in your family to attend college, and whether you know exactly what you want to study or you’re not quite sure yet, the Sooner family is one of support. It is one of authenticity. And it is one that, ultimately, we hope you choose to be a part of.