2nd Big 12 Workshop to Promote Faculty Diversity


Schedule of Events:

Sunday 12:30 pm Welcoming remarks - Sheena Murphy (OU) - slides
Sunday 12:45 pm


Sunday 1:15 pm

Speaker: Monica Biernat (KU)

Gender bias in evaluations: Complexity and subtlety in patterns of stereotyping and prejudice. - slides ppt, pdf

Sunday 2:10 pm

Parallel Panel Sessions:

1. Programs to Foster Promotion from Associate to Full Professor

  • Moderator: Mary Lee Hummert (KU)
  • Panelist: Dana Britton (KSU) - slides ppt, pdf
  • Panelist: Ann Cudd (KU)
  • Panelist: Jeni Hart (MU)
  • Panelist: Karen Multon (KU)
  • Panelist: Annette O'Connor (ISU)

2. Mentoring: How To's and Opportunities for Big 12 Partnerships

  • Moderator: Georgia Kosmopoulou (OU)
  • Panelist: Charlotte Dunham (TT) - slides ppt, pdf
  • Panelist: Donna Ginther (KU) - slides ppt, pdf
  • Panelist: Patricia Rankin (CU) - slides ppt, pdf
  • Panelist: Jean Van Delinder (OSU) - slides ppt, pdf
Sunday 3:30 pm

Parallel Panel Sessions:

1. Forming a Regional Mini-HERC

  • Moderator: Mary Anne Holmes (UNL)
  • Presenter: Nancy Aebersold (HERC) - slides ppt, pdf

2. Meeting between team leaders and Big 12 Provosts

  • Facilitated by Susan Carlson (ISU), Mary Lee Hummert (KU), Evelyn Jacobsen (UNL), and Sheena Murphy (OU)
Sunday 6:00 pm Reception with Big 12 Provosts
Sunday 7:00 pm Dinner
Sunday 7:45 pm

Keynote Address: Georgina Dodge, Asst. Vice Provost, (The Ohio State University), Chair of the OSU Diversity Council

Taking Diversity to the Next Level in Higher Education.

Monday 8:30 am Continental breakfast and opening remarks - slides
Monday 9:00 am Panel: Big 12 Faculty offer Tips for Recruitment and Retention of Faculty from Underrepresented Groups (Panelists)
Monday 10:40 am

Parallel Panel Sessions:

1. Climate Surveys: Synergies and Lessons Learned

  • Moderator: Lori Snyder (OU) - slides ppt, pdf
  • Panelist: Jeni Hart (MU) - slides ppt, pdf
  • Panelist: Krista Schumacher (OSU) - slides ppt, pdf
  • Panelist: Susan Twombly (KU) - slides ppt, pdf
  • Panelist: Lisa Wolf-Wendel (KU) - slides ppt, pdf
  • Panelist: Lori Snyder (OU) - slides ppt, pdf

2. Policy Development and Implementation

  • Moderator: Sheena Murphy (OU)
  • Panelist: Susan Carlson (ISU)
  • Panelist: Eleanor Green (TAMU)
  • Panelist: Evelyn Jacobsen (UNL)
  • Beth Montelone (KSU)
Monday 12:00 pm Lunch and Discussion: Opportunities for Big 12 Partnerships

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