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Pre-Professional Advising

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Pre-Professional Advising

Whether you are considering a career in law, medicine, or health, OU has academic advisors for each area. The pre-law advisor can offer suggestions for helpful classes, whereas the medical and health advisors can provide you with information on specific courses, prerequisites, and general information about respective programs. The pre-professional advisors will not advise you regarding specific classes that you need to take for a specific major but will offer information about application to a professional school, the admission process, etc. For semester-to-semester advising, students need to visit with the academic advisor in his/her degree-granting college.

Pre-Law Advising


  • Pre-Law is a pre-professional designation for students who are interested in attending law school following his or her undergraduate degree.
  • Pre-Law is open to students with any major. Law schools do not require a specific bachelor's degree.
  • Pre-Law helps students identify their interest areas.


  • Pre-Law is NOT a Major
  • Pre-Law is NOT a Minor
  • Pre-Law is NOT Law School


  • "Lawyers affect our everyday lives in countless ways. They are involved in everything from buying a home, to writing a will, to prosecuting and defending criminals. They counsel, strategize, problem solve, write, advocate, negotiate--the list is endless." The National Association for Law Placement (NALP)
  • "Lawyers work just about everwhere--law firms, private business, government, public interest organizations, the judiciary and academia." The National Association for Law Placement (NALP)


  • Visit with Lori DeKalb, the pre-law advisor (call 325-1596 to schedule appointment)
  • Declare Pre-Law Studies as a professional code
  • Join the Pre-Law Society
  • Visit D2L Pre-Law Advising site for information (access provided by Ms. DeKalb)
  • Follow OU Pre-Law Advising on Facebook for recent court decisions, LSAT study tips and other pre-law information.


  • Undergraduate Grade Point Average
  • LSAT Score
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement


  • Select a major you will enjoy and be happy with, even if you do not go to law school or in case there is a gap between college and law school.
  • Be bold in choosing your major. There is no one-size-fits-all major for law school.
  • Discuss your interests with the pre-law advisor.


  • Students who are not admitted to OU may contact OU Prospective Student Services or call that office at 405-325-2151 to schedule a prospective student visit with Lori DeKalb, the pre-law advisor.



Membership in Pre-law Society is open to any student with an interest in pre-law studies.  Information about club meetings can be found on the Pre-law Advising D2L page. You can also view meetings and other information by following Pre-Law Society on social media:

Pre-Law Advisor Contact Information

Lori DeKalb, J.D.
Academic Advising Resouce Center
308 Cate Drive, Room 418
Phone: 405-325-1596

Pre-Law Advisor Biography
Lori DeKalb is a proud alum of the University of Oklahoma College of Law.  She earned her undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University, where she received a B.S. in Agricultural Economics and a minor in Accounting.  Upon graduation from law school, she worked for a downtown Oklahoma City law firm for several years.  In 1999, Lori was appointed as the Chapter 12 Standing Trustee for the Western District of Oklahoma, where she served for more than 15 years. Desiring a change of scenery (so to speak), she accepted the position as Pre-law Advisor with the University of Oklahoma Academic Advising Resource Center in October of 2014.  With the goal of being accessible to all pre-law students, Lori is available to assist with course recommendations and the law school admissions process as well as to answer questions about law school in general. Lori also serves as the Pre-law Society advisor. For those students who have designated the pre-law studies professional code as part of their academic record, appointments with Lori may be scheduled through iAdvise. Students also may schedule an appointment by contacting the Academic Advising Resource Center at 325-1596.

Medicine, Dental, Optometry, Podiatry, Physician Associate Advising

Dustye Bailey
Senior Pre-Med AdvisorMedicine, Dental,  Optometry, Physician Assistant/Associate, PodiatryCate 1, Room 415405-325-2457
Pre-Med AdvisorMedicine, Dental, Optometry, Physician Assistant/Associate, PodiatryCate 1,Room 416405-325-3099

Students may schedule an appointment with the appropriate advisor listed above through the iAdvise appointment system. Advising is in Cate 1, Room 418, and students must check in with the receptionist.

Declaring a pre-professional program
Students must tell the academic advising center in the college of their major that they want the "pre-" code listed on their academic record. Otherwise, the "pre-" advisor has no way to include students in notices of meetings, deadlines, etc. The college advising office will ensure that the code is added to the student's record.

The pre-med office maintains Canvas sites with a wealth of information for students interested in their specified professional programs.  The OU Pre-Med Facebook is accessible to anyone.

Prospective students may contact OU Prospective Students Services or call that office at 405-325-2151, for an appointment with an OU pre-med advisor.

Mock Interview appointments may be made through the iAdvise appointment system.

Veterinary Medicine


Dustye Bailey, Pre-Veterinary and Pre-Medical Professions Advising office, Cate 1, Room 418

Veterinary medicine advising is available from Dustye Bailey, who guides pre-veterinary students through their preparatory studies, admissions examinations, and the veterinary school application process. She also sponsors the Pre-Vet Club at OU. The club provides students with a place to network and find information about various programs and institutions.

Pre-vet advising is offered by scheduled appointments. Please contact Dustye at 325-2457or at to check on availability, schedule an appointment, or for general questions you may have.

Health Professions


University College, 100 Wagoner Hall, 325-3521

Communication sciences and disorders, dental hygiene, nursing, nutritional sciences, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, and the radiologic technologies advising is available from any of the advisors in University College. The assistance of an academic counselor is especially important to the pre-health profession student who wants to complete his/her admission requirements while maintaining a competitive grade point average for admission to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Most pre-health students also have a specific major they are pursuing. While a student in University College, you will be advised on both your major requirements and pre-health requirements. However, once you move into your degree-granting college, you will need to see your college or department advisor for semester-to-semester advising; in addition, though, you will see your University College pre-health advisor for information about requirements for your chosen health field.