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The University of Oklahoma
Academic Advising

5-Drop Limit

Effective with the fall 2011 semester, students are limited to 5 drops in their academic career at OU. Complete withdrawals at OU, drops from other institutions, and drops from previous semesters do not count in the 5-drop limit.


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Earn credits in OU's summer school to help you Graduate Sooner!

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates may work with faculty in research and creative activities. The Undergraduate Research site provides details for such opportunities.

Pre-Law Advising

Taking the law into our own hands!



What is Pre-Law?

Pre-Law is NOT a Major,

Pre-Law is NOT a Minor,

Pre-Law is NOT the Law School.


Pre-Law is an advising unit within the College of Arts and Sciences to help guide you through the process of preparing and applying for Law School.


What To Do?

Once you get to campus:

  • Join the Pre-Law Club
  • Connect to our D2L site
  • Search for more information
  • Meet with the Pre-Law Advisor


What Matters?

The two most important factors:

  • GPA
  • LSAT Score
Law Books


Plan A is your Bachelors Degree!


  • Select a major you will enjoy and be happy with even if you do not go to law school; or in case there is a gap between college and law school. Life happens!
  • A unique major can help you stand out as an applicant - do not be afraid to be different!
  • If you have a specific type of law in mind, talk to the Pre-Law Advisor!