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Withdraw From Classes

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How To Withdraw From All Classes

Withdrawal occurs if a student drops all of the classes after classes begin. If withdrawal occurs before the tuition obligation deadline, there are no tuition charges. If the student withdraws after the deadline, the student will be charged full tuition rates.*

When withdrawing from all of your classes it is critical that you make an informed decision, as there could be an unexpected impact on financial aid, insurance eligibility, etc. We strongly encourage you to let your academic advisor know your circumstances as a part of making an informed decision that could have far-reaching consequences.

*Federal regulations require First Time Title IV Attendees (students receiving federally guaranteed financial aid for the first time at OU) to be charged on a different schedule if they withdraw from school after classes begin. Refund schedules for students in this category are available on request from the Student Financial Center, (405) 325-9000.

Steps To Withdraw From All Classes

First three weeks of a Fall or Spring term

  • Undergraduate students should contact Compass Network by emailing or by calling (405) 325-8103.
  • Gradaute students should contact the Office of Enrollment Services by emailing or by calling (405) 325-3572.

Week four thru week 16 of a Fall or Spring term

  • Beginning the fourth week, undergraduate students must fill out an online petition which will be sent to the academic advising lead of the college in which the student is enrolled. Once the petition has been approved for a complete withdrawal for the semester, students will receive the grade of “W” for all courses.
  • Graduate students should contact the Graduate College office by emailing or by calling (405) 325-3811.

After final exams have begun, requests for a Complete Withdrawal require approval of the Dean of your college. Request for a Complete Withdrawal after the term is over is called a Retroactive Complete Withdrawal and requires approval of the Dean of your college.

Withdrawn students are refunded fees and tuition according to the University of Oklahoma refund policy. Students will be held responsible for the cost of room and board if either or both are furnished by the University.