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College of A&GS Accommodations

The University of Oklahoma’s Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides test proctoring services for students who have been approved for such accommodation. While this test proctoring is typically done at the DRC, the DRC has approved space within the National Weather Center (NWC) library for this purpose. These NWC proctoring services were established as many students taking meteorology or other courses taught within the NWC find it more convenient to take their quizzes and exams within the NWC.  This option is limited to students taking traditional lecture courses offered in the NWC. The procedures for requesting NWC proctoring services include the following steps:

1)    Students who have and wish to utilize accommodations for testing in the DRC or NWC should be aware of and follow the policies of the DRC (see An important aspect of these policies is the DRC notification to instructors via e-mail to their OU e-mail accounts of specific accommodations. This notification from the DRC only occurs at the student’s request. To submit a request for instructor notification, students will need to visit the DRC website and select “Semester Accommodation Request” from the menu. Students should talk to their instructors early in the semester and make sure the instructor has received the DRC notification with the information about his/her special accommodation.   

2)    All instructors including, but not limited to regular faculty, adjuncts/affiliates, and Teaching Assistants, must be aware of and follow the policies of the DRC in response to a request for “Semester Accommodation.” Alternative testing is provided to allow a student to accurately demonstrate his/her knowledge and achievement as opposed to measuring the impact of the disability. Students are expected to uphold the academic integrity of the University. Any incidents of alleged academic misconduct discovered by the proctor will be reported for action under the Academic Misconduct Code for the Norman campus. A student with appropriate accommodation has the option to use either the DRC or the NWC facilities for proctoring of a test, quiz or exam. If the student elects to use the DRC test proctoring services, the procedures can be found at under the category of Alternate Testing.

3)    For students who prefer to utilize the NWC for alternate testing, test-proctoring at the NWC can typically be arranged in the NWC library during the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students who wish to schedule appointments for alternative testing should email one week before the scheduled exam. The email request should include the student’s name; the name of the class; the name and email of the instructor; and the time of the exam for which proctoring services are requested.  If proctoring services in the NWC can be provided at the requested time, an email confirmation will be sent to the student and the instructor detailing where testing can take place and who will be able to serve as a proctor. The email will also include the NWC Testing Request Form. This form must be filled out by the instructor and emailed back to or delivered in person to the assigned proctor.   Tests are normally administered during the same time that the rest of the class is taking the test unless there are extenuating circumstances. Any rescheduling must be approved by the instructor and the proctor assigned for overseeing the exam. If a change in a test format is required as a reasonable accommodation, the DRC staff will work with the student and instructor to discuss appropriate formats.

4)    There will be instances when the proctoring request to use the NWC library cannot be met. In these instances, the instructor will be informed by email that proctoring is not possible within the NWC Library. The decline email will also be send to, which will notify the contacts within the School of Meteorology (i.e., the two Associate Directors and Debbie Barnhill at the School’s front desk) and it will include a short explanation as to the reasons that the request was turned down (e.g., proctor not available, room not available). The contacts within the School will then work with the instructor to try to find an acceptable alternative solution that allows testing within the NWC. This solution might include: i) The instructor using their Grader or Teaching Assistant to proctor the exam in the event that a proctor was not available. Ii) Working with Debbie Barnhill in the School to find an alternate room on the 5th floor. If a solution can be found, the instructor is responsible for informing the student about the accommodation arrangements available in the NWC and for delivering the proctoring form and the exam to the proctor assigned to oversee the exam. If appropriate accommodation cannot be found in the NWC, the instructor will inform the student(s) that if they wish to use a testing center, they will need to notify the DRC and request to take the exam on main campus.   

Test Space Request Form

Click HERE to download and complete your NWC Test Space Request Form.