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College of A&GS Accommodations

National Weather Center (NWC) / Disability Resource Center (DRC) Testing Accommodations 
To Qualify for Testing Accommodations at NWC Library:
·         You must be registered through OU’s Disability Resource Center
·         You must be taking traditional lecture courses offered in the NWC

For Alternative Testing at NWC Library:


Step 1:  Request that the DRC notify your instructor for specific semester long accommodations at: Talk with your instructor early in the semester and make sure he/she has received the DRC notification about special accommodations.

Step 2:  Please email AND your instructor ONE WEEK PRIOR to any scheduled exam. This email must include your full name, the name of the class, and the exam date.


Once you have received an email from your student, please email a completed NWC-DRC Test Request Form to 48 HOURS PRIOR to the scheduled exam.


·         The NWC library is not able to provide proctors. If a proctor is required for an exam, it is up to the faculty member/instructor to provide and coordinate a proctor.

·         There may be instances when the NWC Library will not be available for DRC-approved testing due to room availability. In these instances, an email response will be sent notifying the instructor and contacts in the School of Meteorology that the request was turned down. The contacts in the school and your instructor will try to find an acceptable alternative solution for testing at the NWC. Your instructor will inform you whether accommodations are able to be arranged at the NWC, or if you will need to request to take the exam at a testing center on main campus.

If there are any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the NWC/DRC group at:

Test Space Request Form

Click HERE (PDF) to download and complete your NWC Test Space Request Form.