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Geographic Information Science

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College of A&GS Undergraduate Degree Programs

Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Students pursuing degrees in geographic information science (GIS) use data to map, model, and analyze various problems related to geography and meteorology.  Integrating advanced computer technologies, people, and detailed information about location, geographic information science reveals spatial relationships, patterns and trends in maps that lead to better decision making in dozens of professional fields, including agriculture, defense and intelligence, environmental sustainability, forestry, law enforcement, and health and human services. 

Students can pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in GIS. Specific course requirements for each program are found on the program checksheet:

B.A. in GIS checksheet (PDF)

B.S. in GIS checksheet (PDF)

Current Job
  • GIS Technician at the 9-1-1 Dept. of the Association for Central OK Government
  • Geospatial Imagery Analyst at US Navy Reserve
  • Cartography Technician in Kansas City at Garmin
  • GIS Analyst at Williams
  • GIS Analyst at KAMO POWER
  • GIS Analyst I at Chesapeake Energy
  • GIS Analyst II at Williams in San Antonio
  • GIS Analyst at Muscogee Creek Nation
  • GIS Contractor at OGE Energy
  • GIS Specialist at Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation
  • GIS Tech at Chesapeake
  • GIS Tech III at Chesapeake
  • GIS Technician at Meshek & Associates
  • GIS Technician at American Energy Partners 
  • GIS Technician at Apex Systems
  • GIS Analyst at Chesapeake Energy
  • GIS Analyst at Tapstone Energy
  • Routing Technician at Oklahoma Environmental Management Authority
  • SAP Specialist and Warehouse Lead Supervisor over the F119 Program at URS Corporation, An AECOM Company 
  • Software Engineer at Centuria and IT Analyst II at The University of Oklahoma
  • GIS Research Analyst at Templeton Demographics

Current Post-Graduate Education

  • Master of Arts in Geography at The Universtiy of Oklahoma
  • Master of Regional and City Planning at The University of Oklahoma
  • Master of Geography at Texas A&M
  • Master in Linguistics at the University of Texas
  • Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering at The University of Oklahoma


  • Cartographic Design
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Analysis, Integration, Mining and Visualization
  • Database Design and Management
  • Disaster Response
  • Environmental Analysis and Management
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Imagery Analyst
  • Logistics Planning and Support
  • Planning (Urban, Transportation, Resources)
  • Project Management
  • System Administration
  • Web Mapping

For further information about GIS, please refer to: