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Max Westheimer Airport Services

The University owns and operates 40 T-hangars, 8 corporate hangars, and 8 hangars with office space, all of which are for lease by OU Real Estate Operations.  Private investors have built and currently occupy an additional 18 hangars.

Serving the needs of business executives and recreational pilots alike, Westheimer Airport has an Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) and an Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS).  Westheimer is a full-service airport offering a broad variety of aircraft services.    Services are provided by a fixed base operator (FBO) and specialty shops, including major airframe and powerplant repairs, fueling, tie-downs, and avionics. 

Since 1947 the Universtiy of Oklahoma has been providing students with quality aviation instruction here at Max Westheimer Airport.  The University of Oklahoma Aviation Program currently offers a bachelor degree in four concetrations for students to consider. 

The airport is also home to Sooner Flight Academy, which reaches out to our community to bring aviation to students.  This program host camps, field trips, and school programs for children K-12 in an effort to inspire Oklahoma's next generation to become leaders in the aviation industry and in the areas of science, techology, engineering, and math.

Airport Parking

Parking at the airport is free.  If extended parking is needed, arrangments will need to be made through OU Real Estate Operations by calling 405-325-0530.  There is currently no charge for extended parking.  

  • Sooner Flight Academy:  405-325-1635

Sooner Aircraft

  • Joe McGuire, A&P:  405-834-6160
  • Thomas Whalen, Manager:  405-694-9225
  • Phil Steele:  405-360-5400