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Alumni Invited Back for Scandals

For three-quarters of a century, it has been one of OU’s most cherished traditions and as Sooner Scandals celebrates its 75th anniversary this spring, organizers are planning to celebrate its rich history.

For the first time, Scandals alumni are being asked to come back to campus and take part in the annual spring tradition. Cameron Burleson, vice chair of community outreach for Scandals, says this year’s run of shows will include performances from alumni who wish to take the stage again.

“This year is the 75th anniversary of Sooner Scandals and we wanted to honor the alumni who have been a part of this event, no matter if they were a part of the first event or last year’s event. If you’re a Scandals alumni, we want you here.”

A musical revue composed of Broadway-style acts directed and performed entirely by OU students, Sooner Scandals is one of the ultimate showcases of OU students' creativity. Acts are chosen each year on an audition basis.

Burleson says in the past month alone, some 25 Scandals alumni have expressed their interest in returning to campus to celebrate the anniversary. Opportunities for past performers will include an alumni luncheon, early purchase of Scandals tickets, alumni recognition during the shows, onstage vocal and dance participation, and awards presentation.

“We want to make sure we are reaching everyone,” Burleson said. “We want to see a wide-range of alumni from different generations of Scandals. We’re really excited. We want as many Scandals alumni as possible to come back this year.”

This year’s performances will be held April 5-7.

Scandals alumni who are interested in returning to campus can complete a by clicking here

Burleson emphasizes the survey does not commit alumni to return to campus. Rather, it’s a means to gauge interest among alumni and to gather information about past performers.

In addition, Scandals alumni who can’t return to campus this year, but would like to provide a gift in honor of the 75th anniversary production, can contact Claire Kvicala, sponsorship vice chair, at




Clubs from L.A. to Virginia will be Part of This Year's Service Event

It’s the single biggest day of volunteer service each year at the University of Oklahoma, and this year it will expand to communities across the country in which Sooners will be making a difference.

This spring, for the first time in its 19-year OU history, The Big Event will include official participation by OU Alumni clubs across the country. A day of service which began at Texas A&M University in 1982 when student leaders saw a need to give back to the surrounding community that supported the university, The Big Event is now an annual event at more than 60 major universities across the nation.

OU held its first official Big Event in the spring of 1999, after it was adopted by the University of Oklahoma Student Association. Along with many other major universities, The Big Event has become a prominent and lasting tradition at OU and continues to grow each year. This year’s Big Event is scheduled for Saturday, April 14.

In the past 3 years, volunteers have completed roughly 500 projects. Data provided by the State of Oklahoma estimates volunteers have saved communities a total of over $500,000 each year in labor costs.

Every spring, over 6,000 students, faculty, and staff go out across the Norman and Greater Oklahoma City metro area for a day of service.  For the past 18 years, students have participated in this event to show their appreciation to the surrounding community by completing service projects such as painting, yard work, building playground equipment, and visiting with the elderly. The event is a completely student-run service project.

This spring, Big Event coordinators have reached out to OU Alumni clubs across the nation and invited them to coordinate service projects in their areas. Big Event 2018 chair, Megan Shepard, says the decision to cast the Big Event beyond campus was an easy one.

“We feel it’s important to reach out to OU alumnae because they are an extension of the university and still believe in OU’s mission of ‘service to the state and society,’” Shepard points out. “Alumnae have a great opportunity to reach out into their own communities, make a difference through their volunteerism, and spread some Sooner magic.

“I absolutely believe that the events that promote service and volunteerism show OU’s commitment to producing global citizens.”

Kelsey Hightower, President of the OU Club of Los Angeles, agrees this year’s national reach with OU’s Big Event is a chance for the Sooner Spirit to impact local communities.

“It's important to contribute to the community that you live in so you feel connected and a part of it,” Hightower believes. “To think that Sooners will be getting together here in LA to make a difference is incredible, but to picture Sooners all over the nation making a difference at the same time is powerful. There are so many Sooners across the nation, so I'm just imagining how much change we will be able to make. That makes me incredibly proud to be an OU alumna.”

Angela Xing, vice chair for outreach for The Big Event, says alumni joining the effort to improve local communities in which their living only underscores the emphasis OU President David Boren has placed on ensuring graduates leave Norman with a broader sense of their place in the world.

“To see OU Alumni from all around the country continue to give back and to take part in this event, shows entirely what it means to be a Sooner, “ Xing says. “OU’s commitment to producing global citizens is apparent all across the nation, as well as the world, in the work that they are doing to serve the community around them.”

OU Alumni Clubs planning to take part in The Big Event include NYC, Austin, Houston, Nashville, Hampton Roads (VA Beach), Los Angeles, Montana and San Francisco.

OU alumni in the Oklahoma City metro and across Oklahoma and North Texas who might want to return to campus to work on a general alumni project for The Big Event can fill out a volunteer survey and will be contacted by organizers. To fill out the survey, click here.