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Sightseeing Sooners Travel

Greetings from the OU Alumni Association! We are excited to unveil our Sightseeing Sooners tour selections for 2020. We hope that you will take advantage of one or more of the wonderful travel opportunities in the coming year. While visiting exotic, historical or educational destinations, you will have the added value of traveling with other Sooners and reconnecting to your alma mater in an exciting way! If you have never traveled with us before, we invite you to give Sightseeing Sooners a try and be a part of this exclusive group. Our tours are open to anyone so if you have family or friends you enjoy traveling with, please feel free to invite them to join you on these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. When you travel with Sightseeing Sooners a portion of your tour price will come back to the OU Alumni Association, helping our organization fund scholarships, campus events and other OU activities.

Our tours are designed to promote educational and cultural experiences for our alumni and friends. Please be aware that in this ever-changing travel climate, all prices, itineraries, dates and departures are subject to change.

If there are specific brochures you want to make sure you receive, please contact me at the OU Alumni Association at 405-325-1224 or, or please fill out our brochure request form.

We sincerely appreciate your support for our Sightseeing Sooners program and the OU Alumni Association.

Live On, University!

Lea Ann Quirk


Lea Ann Quirk

Director of Alumni Travel
Sightseeing Sooners Travel Program

(405) 325-1224 or (405) 325-1710