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Mission Statement

The mission of the American Organ Institute Archives & Library (AOIAL) is to support and strengthen pipe organ scholarship, performance, technical skill, creativity, and craftsmanship by providing collections, services, and environments that enhance intellectual discovery and growth for the American Organ Institute, College of Fine Arts, Univeristy of Oklahoma community and all those who support preserving the musical heritage of the “King of Insturments.” The AOIAL is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and making accessible primary and secondary source materials related to the American pipe organ, while also promoting interest in the history and culture of said instrument. The AOIAL houses both the American Organ Institute Archives and Library General Collections and the American Theatre Organ Society Collections

Who we are

The AOIAL functions within the American Organ Institute as just one branch of the AOI's program. Our archive largely consists of the former American Theatre Organ Society Archive donated to the institute in 2012. We are currently arranging, cataloging, and storing the archive, and new information is being added to our online database with each passing week. The archive has two student archivists, whose work over the next four years will be supported by funding from the American Theatre Organ Society. During that time, the students will continue to catalog and digitize the archive as well as migrate the materials into acid-free boxes and folders supplied by the AOI to help preserve the artifacts for as long as possible. The current archivists are Bailey Schreier and James Richardson who are finishing up masters degrees in Library Sciences and Pipe Organ Performance respectively.

Wish to make a donation?

The following types of organ-related materials collected by AOIAL include, but are not limited to:

-Books, periodicals, theses, and sheet music, both in and out of print
-Artists’/performers’ and enthusiasts’ notes, recordings, photos, correspondence, contracts, programs, scores, drafts, transcripts, lectures, interviews, sheet music, cue sheets, personal arrangements, biographies, etc.
-Organ builders’ and technicians’ plans, blueprints, stoplists, contracts, correspondence, engineering documents, business documents, photos, and specifications of organ installations
-Materials related to the history of organ building in the United States and abroad
-Various forms of organ memorabilia and ephemera
-Media formats including but not limited to: phonographic records (all sizes), reel-to-reel, cassette tapes, DAT tapes, CD’s, digital files such as Mp3, AAC, WAV, Mp4, PDF, Jpeg, gif, TIFF, etc., Beta tapes, VHS, DVD, Blue Ray Discs, roll player rolls
-Materials relating to Theatre Organs may be specified for inclusion in the American Theatre Organ Collections at AOIAL.


AOIAL is happy to accept donations that fall within the scope of its collection policy. Any collection accepted commits the AOIAL to the task of organizing and preserving it, which involves skilled labor and costs for archival supplies. Donors are encouraged to include a monetary donation to fund the cost of processing and preserving their materials. Due to limited staffing, budget, and space, all donations or gifts are subject to review and may be declined. All gift materials received by the AOIAL become the property of the AOIAL.

If you are interested in making a donation, please send us an email at organarchive@ou.edu for further information on how to fill out a donation inquiry form.

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