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AOI Faculty and Staff
Mary Margaret Holt - Interim Dean, College of Fine Arts
Dr. Lawrence R. Mallett - Director, School of Music
Dr. John Schwandt - Director, American Organ Institute
Jeremy Wance Associate Director, American Organ Institute
Dr. Damin Spritzer - Visiting Professor of Organ
Dr. Adam Pajan - Instructor of Organ/AOI Shop Technician
Dr. J. Craig Sproat - Adjunct Instructor of Organ
Dr. Vicki Schaeffer - Adjunct Instructor of Organ
Dr. Clark Kelly - Professor of Music, Emeritus
John M. Riester - AOI Projects Manager
Daniel Sliger - AOI Shop Manager
Mayu Hashigaya - Allen AOI Shop Technician
Student Shop Assistants
Cameron Couch
Paul Watkins
Nathan Rau
Cristiano Rizzotto
Samantha Koch
David Anderson
Zachary Rygiel

AOI Archive and Library:
Michelle Merriman
Andrew Schaeffer
AOI Program Alumni

The American Organ Institute recognizes and thanks the following students for their hard work in the AOI shop and their invaluable contributions to the AOI program and vision.

Jaime Carini - 2007-2010
Olivia Buthod - 2008-2010
Bradley Fitch - 2007-2009
Julie Huang - 2009-2010
Robert Maucere - 2008-2009
Matt McCarter - 2009-2010
Tara Partington - 2009-2010
Andrea Printy - 2008-2010
Braden Reece - 2008
Brian Spinner - 2008-2009
Kenneth Vigne - 2008-2010
Jarel Walker - 2008-2009
Rachel Foster - 2009-2011
Drew Mangus - 2008-2011
David Conley - 2009-2011
Susan Johnson - 2010-2012
Nolan Reilly - 2009-2014

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