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About the College of Architecture

Seven Divisions | One College

The University of Oklahoma College of Architecture faculty pride themselves on providing students with a dynamic professional education in architecture, construction science, enviornmental design, interior design, landscape architecture, regional and city planning or urban design through a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in interdisciplinary and collaborative settings emphasizing excellence in education, research and service to the community.

Benefits like small class sizes, professional industry interactions and strong student organizations combine with state-of-the-art technology and facilities – including a dedicated model shop, library and advanced computer labs – to give every student the opportunity to learn the unique skills needed to become successful in their discipline.

College of Architecture


Collaboration is fostered at every level. From entry-level interdisciplinary courses to leading advanced competition teams, every division has curricula that encourage teamwork and cooperation among faculty, students and other disciplines for stronger development.

Our programs also provide student interaction with industry professionals throughout the course of study with field trips, project critiques, internships and college partnerships. We strive for this excellence not just because it’s what industry professionals expect, but because it better prepares our students to successfully work with other professionals. It also ensures our students have gained the leadership skills necessary to rise to the top of their field.


The College of Architecture faculty is dedicated to instilling students with a deep understanding of the link between what they dream and what will be built.

To further this understanding, we offer access to the latest digital technology where students can explore their designs with 3D and modeling capabilities, and an outstanding model shop, where abstract ideas become tangible reality.

We also provide every student with guidance through the technical process of analyzing, revising and fine-tuning their designs. Through our partnerships with industry leaders, professional critiques and participation in competitions, our students learn more than how to put their ideas on paper – they learn what’s required to take a concept to completion.


The College of Architecture faculty and staff know plans and designs are only as good as what they become. Without stifling the creative nature of design or isolating the construction and planning process, our students learn the stages of development of every great built environment.

Through our collaborative efforts and such college initiatives as student field trips and service learning programs, our students better understand the balance between what they imagine and how it will be built. Having a strong comprehension of complicated construction processes and building materials, along with first-hand experience on building sites, gives our students a greater opportunity to learn how designs become reality.