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Division of Architecture

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Our design pedagogy is founded on a philosophy of Creating_Making which is grounded in experience; a tangible connection between the creative endeavor and the physical act of making. As such, we are committed to maintaining a foundation in the material practices of design, in promoting intellectual engagement with creative processes, in providing both alternative cultural and professional work experiences, and in fostering intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary opportunities for collaboration. The philosophy of Creating_Making encourages diverse research, critical inquiry, and informed experimentation dedicated to reinforcing our core beliefs; a commitment to fostering critical engagement, material aptitude, manual competence, and most importantly an ethical commitment to the real, the tangible, and the human capital that is architecture.


Oklahoma AIA Awards


Congratulations to our faculty, students and alumni who were honored at the AIA State Convention in Stillwater. Five of the six Honor Awards went to OU faculty and alumni.  

Professor Deborah Richards won the Young Professional Achievement Award. Professors Dave Boeck and John Harris won the International Community Service Award for their work with students and collaborators in Zambia.  OU Alum Farooq Karim won the Community Service Award for his decades of work on behalf of communities across Oklahoma including his service to OU. Interim Dean Hans E. Butzer won the Educational Contributions Award for his outstanding leadership in education. The late Dean Charles Graham was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his decades of service to the profession. 

Professional Mentoring Program


The mentoring program is a partnership with the Division of Architecture Professional Advisory Board. The purpose is to familiarize architecture students with the practice of architecture through mentoring with local professionals. Several levels of mentoring and support are available through this program to provide a link to the profession to students at beginning of the program, for students at upper year levels and to provide direct assistance to studio and other class activities.  Learn more.

Study Abroad in Rome

COA Rome

As Goethe describes, "the experience of living in Rome has the power to change us, to teach us how to really live." For architecture students, the city has a special allure. The city of Rome has played a central role in the development of architecture and urbanism for millennia. Furthermore, the legendary urban spaces, streets, and monuments of the city provide invaluable lessons on urban development through history.

Learn more.