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Architecture Student Resources



Learn more about scholarships for our undergraduate and graduate programs. Degree-specific as well as general college-specific awards are available for an array of achievements and needs. Learn more.

Student and Professional Organizations

Want to get involved? See information about student and professional organizations available to those in architecture! Learn more.

Mentoring Program

The purpose of this mentoring program is to familiarize architecture students with the practice of architecture through mentoring with local professionals. The mentoring program, led by Jay Yowell, facilitates several levels of mentoring and support. These are available through this program to provide a link to the profession to students at beginning of the program, for students at upper year levels and to provide direct assistance to studio and other class activities. Learn more. 

Student Laptop Policy

Computers now are an integral tool to every professional and provide assistance with a myriad of everyday tasks including communication, advanced study and analysis tools.

We strive to become a national leader in technology. Prior to the implementation of the laptop policy, over 85% of our students enter the college with computers. This policy's goal is to increase the availability of this essential technology to every student.

In addition, over 50% of the colleges in the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture have laptop policies that start with first year students.

Today's students need a laptop as an integral tool to their learning experience and will utilize the laptop even if they change majors.

As a requirement of the College, the laptop can be included in available financial aid and loan programs. Learn More.

Need more information? Contact us at or visit the Contact page to submit an inquiry.