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Mentor Program

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Architecture Mentoring Program

This mentoring program of the Division of Architecture is partnership with the Division of Architecture Professional Board of Advisors.

The purpose of this mentoring program is to familiarize architecture students with the practice of architecture through mentoring with local professionals. Several levels of mentoring and support are available through this program to provide a link to the profession to students at beginning of the program, for students at upper year levels and to provide direct assistance to studio and other class activities.

Level 1 Mentoring for 1st and 2nd year Architecture Students
To provide group mentoring with an architecture firm. Students are typically invited to visit the Nentoring Firm once a semester for 1) a firm tour and 2) a tour of a construction site or a recently completed project.

  • Level 1 Mentoring Guidelines (PDF)
  • Download Firm Application Form (PDF)

    Level 2 Mentoring for 3rd, 4th and 5th year Architecture Students
    To provide individual mentoring for students in the upper levels of the architecture program. The mentor would meet or converse with the student(s) on a monthly basis to provide guidance and advice on a professional level.

  • Level 2 Mentoring Guidelines (PDF)
  • Download Individual Application Form (PDF)

    Educational Assistance Program
    To provide assistance to the faculty and students as needed.


  • Download Assistance Application Form (PDF)