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Shaping our environment

Landscape architects design the outdoor spaces we use every day while protecting and managing the natural environment. Landscape architects have a special commitment to improving the quality of life by designing ecologically friendly and aesthetically pleasing places. Successful and visually pleasing ecological restoration projects, parks, highways, housing developments, urban plazas, zoos and campuses all require the planning and design skills of a licensed landscape architect.

Landscape Architecture

The Division of Landscape Architecture houses two degree programs designed to help students think critically and creatively in addressing environmental issues related to human use of the land.

Graduates are expected to be versatile and ready to enter the landscape architecture profession in both public and private practice. Our students are committed to environmental ethics with strong design communication skills and awareness of changing resource constraints. Graduates of the programs are aware of effective design and planning processes, appropriate project management at multiple scales and emergent areas of design and planning research.

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