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  2006 Hitachi Sooner Badminton Open Tournament (February 25, 2006)  

Tournament Results

The 2006 Hitachi Sooner Badminton Open Tournament (which marked the second OU tournament) that was held in the Field House on the campus of the University of Oklahoma on February 25, 2006. Our participants came from Oklahoma, Texas, and Nebraska. The following are the official results of the tournament. Please be sure to check out the photo section of the trophy winners.

Open Division

Women’s Singles: Cindy Lee (winner); Suanne Au (runner-up); Kyoka Akaishi (consolation)

Women’s Doubles: Cindy Lee/Suanne Au (winner); Cherry Wang/Terri Angier (runner-up)

Mixed Doubles: Cindy Lee/Jeffrey Saw (winner); Suanne Au/Herman Batelaan (runner-up); Cherry Wang/Bram van den Langenberg (consolation)

Men’s Doubles: Jeffrey Saw/Simon Lee (winner); Bhaskar Balan/Franciscus Sani (runner-up); David Tan/Yen Soon Low (consolation)

Men's Singles: Bhaskar Balan (winner); Franciscus Sani (runner-up); Santhosh Parameswaran (consolation)


Senior Division

Men’s Doubles : David Tan/Masayuki Akaishi (winner); Pengfei Zhang/Wenwu Xia (runner-up); Thomas/Sailas (consolation)

Men’s Singles: Masayuki Akaishi (winner); Don Delano (runner-up); T. Samuel (consolation)

B/Novice Division

Mixed Doubles: Kyoka Akaishi/Masayuki Akaishi (winner); Terri Angier/Don Delano (runner-up)

Men's Doubles: Yilong Ni/Hui Tang (winner); Bram van den Langenberg/Tillman Kleppe (runner-up); Don Delano/Marc Hader (consolation)

Men's Singles: Yilong Ni (winner); Bram van den Langenberg (runner-up); Tillman Kleppe (consolation)


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