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Sooner Badminton Club at OU
Huston Huffman Center | University of Oklahoma | Norman | Oklahoma

  Tournament Rules -- Sooner Badminton Tournament  

  1. You have to register before playing.
  2. The official 21-point rally scoring system will be applied to all events. 
    The 15-point scoring system, 11-point for women’s singles, is an option if your opponent or opposing team consents to using the system; otherwise the default will be the 21-point rally scoring system. 
    Only 21-point rally scoring system will be used in CONSOLATION rounds.
  3. A person or team not ready to play within 10 minutes after the match is called will be defaulted.  (Please inform the tournament directors if you have to leave the court for certain reasons.)
  4. Maximum warm-up time is 5 minutes.
  5. During the game, if the shuttle hits any part of the roof, it is counted as a FAULT.
  6. Once the match is over, the victorious person or team must bring the completed score sheet and unused shuttles to the tournament desk.
  7. The umpires will oversee the Semi-Final and Final matches. However, if you would like your match to be umpired, please let the tournament directors know when your match is called. 
  8. Please be courteous to your opponents.  If you have no umpire, “in or out” is determined by the person or team on whose side of the net the shuttle lands. It is their call.
  9. At the end of the tournament or before you leave, we would really appreciate if you could help us clean your resting area and dispose of the trash.
  10. If you see anyone out of place that you suspect is not involved in the tournament, please let a Tournament Director know.


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