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Sooner Badminton Club at OU
Huston Huffman Center | University of Oklahoma | Norman | Oklahoma

  Regular Club Players  

Here is a partial list of our active club players:

xxcKyle Levesque (President 2014-present); player since 2012, Undergraduate, Price College of Business)

xxcMichael L. Wilson (Secretary; Undergraduate, Price College of Business)

Shawn Lam, Staff Advisor (Staff/Instructor, College of Business)

xxcJoshua Cosgrove (Undergraduate, Biochemistry)

Julius Ta (Undergraduate, Petroleum Engineering)

Jerry Peiran Zhou (past President; 2010-2014, Undergraduate)

Terry Dunn (State Health Department; Former Faculty, Pathology, OUHSC)

Minh Vu (Graduate, Finance, Price College of Business)

Huaiwen Wang (Staff, OUHSC)

Dahong Chen (Ph.D. Student, Biology)

Xin Yun Peng (Graduate)

Fei Fei Zhang (Graduate)

Lakshmi Pavani (Graduate, Computer Science)

Sean Huang (Almni)

Melvyn Kong (Staff, Information Technology)

Luong Bui (Undergraduate, Mathematics)

Binrui Cao (Ph.D. Student, Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Ik-Seong Joo (Guest, Norman)

Chih-Yu Lai (Ph.D. Student, Geography)

Sushama Sivakumar (Ph.D. Student, Cell Biology, OUHSC)

Sonjay Kodam (Guest, OKC)

Shaji George (Guest, Hitachi)

David Tan, Faculty Advisor

For a list of former members who used to grace our courts, please click here. If you are interested in having some fun with this sport, improving your existing skills, or joining the club, please contact Jerry Zhou, the club president, for information..

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