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  Constitution (adopted 9/2/05)  

The official name of the organization shall be the OU Badminton Club or OUBC for short.

The purposes of the OU Badminton Club are:

(A) To promote the game and sport of badminton

(1) by holding regular practices and scrimmages;
(2) by organizing ladder competitions and tournaments; and
(3) by participating in external badminton tournaments.

(B) To promote high standards of scholarship, leadership character and to strive for the spirit of sportsmanship and fellowship among the members.

(C) To cooperate and interact with other badminton associations, organizations, clubs, and players across the United States and abroad.

Membership in, association with, and benefits emanating from OU Badminton Club and its related activities shall be based upon such considerations as performance, achievements, and other criteria related to the goals of the Club and purposes of the activities. Judgments in this regard based solely on an individual’s race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, marital status, or political belief are not judgments based on such considerations. Further, the purpose of the Club shall be consistent with public policy as established by prevailing University Community Standards.

Section 1: Membership
There shall be three types of memberships:

(A) Regular Member
Regular membership will be open to all students who are currently enrolled at the University of Oklahoma, provided that they express interest in the activities of the OU Badminton Club. Regular membership shall be terminated once the individual is no longer a student at the University of Oklahoma.

(B) Associate Member
Associate membership will be open to all non-students, faculty and staff members, as well as spouses and family members within the surrounding communities, who express interest in the OU Badminton Club. Membership shall be terminated once the individual expresses his/her wish to no longer be considered a member.

(C) Honorary Member
Honorary membership may be awarded to those non-OU students or employees, OU alumni, or any badminton players, who express interest in the Club activities, and who have demonstrated high standards of performance in the sport of badminton. The decision to award honorary membership shall be taken by the executive committee. Once membership is established, each member shall be placed on the official mailing list maintained by the OU Badminton Club. Thereafter, members shall be regularly updated and informed about pertinent issues, current events, and various programs and activities of the club.

Section 2: Violations & Removal Procedures
Any member may be suspended or expelled and subjected to such disciplinary action that the Executive Committee deems fit, for any violation of the provisions of the constitution, or for any conduct that is considered by the Executive Committee to be detrimental to the interests of the members and purpose of the OU Badminton Club. The Executive Committee shall handle removal procedures of members based upon the facts and allegations of each individual case.


(a) No action can be initiated under this provision by the Executive Committee unless the members of the club approve the proposed action by two-thirds majority.

(b) The final decision, however, lies with the officers of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for managing and administering all affairs and activities pertaining to the objectives and interests of the OU Badminton Club.

Section 1: Executive Committee Titles
The Executive Committee shall consist of:

(1) the President;
(2) the Vice President;
(3) the Treasurer;
(4) the Secretary;
(5) the Activities Coordinator; and
(6) two Student Members.

The Faculty Advisor shall serve as an ex-officio member.

Section 2: Qualifications and Terms of )office

(1) Officers on the Executive Committee must be students who are enrolled at the University of Oklahoma at the time of election and throughout their term. Therefore, if at any point during an officer’s term, he/she is no longer enrolled and stops attending the University of Oklahoma, the individual may not continue to serve as an officer on the Executive Committee.

(2) To be eligible for a position on the Executive Committee, individuals must be regular members of SBC who:

  • express a genuine interest in the activities and purpose of SBC;
  • has taken an active role in the affairs of the Club;
  • are in good standing with the University of Oklahoma; and abide by all rules and regulations set forth by University policy.

(3) Officers of the Executive Committee shall serve a term of one full academic year, from the end of the spring semester when they are elected, to the end of the following spring semester when their successors are elected.

(4) Terms of office for the Executive Committee shall begin at the close of the meeting at which they are elected.


( A) The President shall

  • maintain the smooth operations of the Club;
  • seek internal and external funding for the Club;
  • carry out all decisions, duties, and assignments decided upon by the Executive Committee and the Faculty Advisor;
  • announce organizational meetings at least three days in advance before holding them;
  • set the agenda of all organizational meetings;
  • be present for and preside over all Executive Committee and general meetings;
  • be the spokesperson for the Club, both on and off campus;
  • seek all appropriate approvals and co-sign all checks for goods and services incurred by the Club;
  • be informed and kept updated by all Executive Committee officers regarding the current situation of their tasks and responsibilities;
  • cooperate and interact with the Faculty Advisor and other OU student organizations; and
  • interact with the United States Badminton Association (USBA) and other relevant badminton organizations and clubs in the United States and abroad whenever appropriate.

(B) The Vice-President shall

  • serve in the capacity of the President upon the request of the President or during the President’s absence, and assume his responsibilities;
  • actively assist the President in planning, decision-making, organizing activities, and in the delegation of tasks and responsibilities;
  • in conjunction with the president, act as the official representative of SBC in all internal and external affairs, meetings, events, and activities;
  • exercise all the powers and duties delegated to him/her by the president and those authorized by the Executive Committee;
  • be responsible for the internal relations of all committees and officers;
  • maintain correspondence with guests and speakers through memos, invitations, thank-you notes, etc.; and
  • help the President make announcements and updates regarding SBC’s activities and events.

(C) The Treasurer shall

  • hold complete administrative and authoritative responsibilities for all financial records, transactions, and accounts of SBC along with the president;
  • be responsible for completing and submitting all financial paperwork, including purchase orders, reimbursements, and third-party payments;
  • be responsible for collecting and maintaining a copy of all receipts, checks, and other financial paperwork and keep an accurate record of all expenditures and transactions;
  • along with the president, have the power to sign checks and any financial paperwork;
  • assist the President in seeking internal and external funding for the Club;
  • maintain contact with the individuals in UOSA who are responsible for allocating SBC’s funds and maintaining the account;
  • assist the president in preparing and submitting SBC’s annual budget to the UOSA;
  • be responsible for giving a complete financial report to the Executive Committee at the end of the spring semester, which shall give a current balance and sum up the activities and finances incurred during their term (he/she shall pass this information to the succeeding Executive Committee); and
  • be present at all Executive Committee meetings.

(D) The Secretary shall

  • keep a record of attendance for all Executive Committee meetings;
  • prepare, distribute, and maintain the minutes of all Executive Committee meetings in an efficient and timely manner;
  • forward an electronic copy of the minutes to the faculty advisor within one week of each Executive Committee meeting;
  • be responsible for the publication of the Club’s membership directory;
  • help coordinate logistical plans for activities and events;
  • assist the President in responding to e-mails and drafting e-mails regarding SBC’s activities and events; and
  • be present at all Executive Committee meetings.

(E) The Activities Coordinator shall

  • keep and maintain the Club’s inventory;
  • distribute and loan out Club equipment to registered members whenever needed;
  • organize and hold regular practices, ladder competitions, and scrimmages; and
  • organize a tournament calendar for the Club by keeping track of upcoming badminton tournaments in the United States, and coordinate logistical plans for participation in selected tournaments.

(F) Committee Members

Two committee members shall be appointed by the President after the general election. These appointees shall be assigned duties in areas deemed necessary by the President and/or the Executive Committee.


(A) The Faculty Advisor shall be a full-time faculty member of the University of Oklahoma.

(B) Responsibilities of the Faculty Advisor:

  • To ensure the survivability of the Club and its smooth operations;
  • To settle disputes among all members of the Club, including Executive Committee members whenever needed;
  • To break any ties in cases of equal number of votes for and against an issue;
  • To deal with major disruptions, improper behavior, and other issues affecting the continuance of the Club; and
  • To call for new elections or appoint new officers in cases of resignation, improper behavior, or a vote of “no confidence” in any executive committee members.


(A) Candidates applying for positions as officers on the Executive Committee shall be elected by the outgoing Executive Committee at the end of each academic year, which is also the end of the spring semester. Officers must be elected before the last day of the spring semester.

(B) Applications for positions on the Executive Committee shall be sent to all members through e-mail.

(C) All candidates shall be given a minimum of 21 days to apply for positions on the Executive Committee.

(D) A special meeting of the Executive Committee shall be held at the end of the spring semester for the sole purpose of reviewing applications of candidates and electing new officers of the Executive Committee.

(E) The incumbent Executive Committee shall review the applications of candidates to determine their eligibility.

(F) Voting for Executive Committee officers of the association shall be done by secret ballot by the outgoing Executive Committee officers.

(G) Candidates shall be elected to their position by a two-thirds majority vote of the officers on the Executive Committee.

(H) In the event that any member of the Executive Committee resigns, is expelled, is in violation of student code, or becomes incapable of performing his official duties, he/she shall be replaced by a new officer on an application basis. Applicants must meet eligibility qualifications and shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee. New officers applying for such replacement positions shall be elected to their positions by a two-thirds majority vote of the officers on the Executive Committee.

(I) The outgoing Executive Committee can take a maximum of two weeks to announce the final outcome of the elections.

(A) Executive Committee meetings shall be held as often as needed, provided that there is at least one meeting every month during the academic year

(B) A formal organizational meeting shall be called at least once a semester. All registered members of the club shall be notified about date, time and place of this meeting at least three days in advance. The notification shall be provided in a written format (usually by e-mail).

(A) All members shall have the right of access to the Club’s Constitution. A copy of the Constitution shall be made available upon request.

(B) All members shall be permitted to check the financial records of the Club upon request.

(C) All members shall have the right to vote.

(D) Any Executive Committee member has the right to resign with a one-month’s written notice given to the Faculty Advisor.

(E) All members have the right to challenge rules and decisions set by the Executive Committee. They may do so in writing, and all concerns shall be duly heard in a general meeting and appropriately resolved by way of parliamentary or other appropriate democratic procedures.

(F) All registered members are allowed to use the properties of the Club.

(G) Feathered shuttlecocks shall be used by registered Club members only. In instances where a non-member is playing with a registered member, nylon shuttlecocks should be used.

(A) The financial period of the Club shall begin after the general elections and end on the week before the next general election.

(B) The Executive Committee shall set the amount of membership fees each year. The recommended fees, subjected to annual reviews, are:

(1) $5.00 a year for regular members;
(2) $10.00 a year for honorary members.

(C) In accordance with all rules pertaining to appropriated student funds, the Executive Committee will attempt to allocate appropriate resources to achieve all stated organizational objectives.

(A) The OU Badminton Club is subject to all provisions of the University of Oklahoma Student Code.

(B) The OU Badminton Club shall comply with all local, state, and federal laws.



(A) The Club encourages all members to participate in tournaments. However, the Club can reimburse players for only one part of their expenses, namely tournament fees. In order to qualify for such reimbursement, the following rules shall apply:

(1) Reimbursement shall be provided only to registered members who have been active in Club activities and practices. This determination shall be made by the Executive Committee.

(2) Reimbursement shall be only for a maximum of two events in a one-day tournament and three events in a two-day tournament. Members wishing to participate in more events shall bear the additional costs themselves, unless special permission is granted by the President.

(B) Members must bear their own responsibilities for other expenses (e.g. food and lodging, USBA membership fees).

(C) Any member who has agreed to participate in a tournament shall be held responsible for his or her share of the travel expenses incurred, irrespective of whether he or she eventually participates in the tournament.


(A) The Club shall bear no responsibility for providing transportation for tournament participants. The Club, however, may attempt to coordinate private transportation. Participants shall bear all transportation costs.

(B) The Activities Coordinator may appoint someone to be in charge of finance of trips. The person should collect some deposit money from each person before embarking for the trip.

(C) All players are strongly encouraged to wear the OU Badminton Club uniform during tournaments in order to promote team recognition and the spirit of camaraderie.

(D) The Club, its Executive Committee members, and the Faculty Advisor bear no responsibilities and are not liable for accidents, mishaps, or other unforeseen circumstances incurred by players during trips to tournaments. Players bear their own responsibilities for any accidents, mishaps, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Adopted 9/2/2005; Revised 9/19/07


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