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  Club Alumni  

Here is a partial list of some our famous former players who played here:

Kyle Levesque, President (2014-2016). Kyle, from Dallas, Texas had been a club player and member since Fall 2012. He complete his BA in Journalism from the Gaylord School of Journalism and Mass Communication in May 2016. He is currently working in Dallas and plans to move to California in the near future.

xxcMichael L. Wilson, Vice President (2014-2016). Michael was also from Dallas, Texas. He finished his BBA in Marketing from the Price College of Business in May 2016. He had been playing with the Club since 2012.

xxcJoshua Cosgrove, Club Officer (2014-2016). Josh wasthe third of the trio from Dallas. Texas. He finished his BS in Biochemistry in May 2016. He had been playing with the Club since 2012.

Tore Nymoen, Exchange Graduate Student (Petroleum Engineering). Returned to Norway.

Awais Tahir, OU Alum (moved to Texas)

xxcJerry Peiran Zhou (Past President; 2010-2014, Price College of Business, currently living in Tulsa and China)

Xin Yun Peng (Graduate)

Fei Fei Zhang (Ph.D. Student, Zoology)

Julius Ta (Undergraduate, Petroleum Engineering)

Lakshmi Pavani (Graduate, Computer Science)

Luong Bui (Undergraduate, Mathematics)

Binrui Cao (Ph.D. Student, Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Chih-Yu Lai (Ph.D. Student, Geography)

Sushama Sivakumar (Ph.D. Student, Cell Biology, OUHSC)

Sonjay Kodam (Guest, OKC)

Dahong Chen, Ph.D. Biology, currently works for NIH and lives in Washington DC area.

Minh Vu graduated with his BBA in Finance from Price College of Business in 2014. He returned to Vietnam.

Jing Yu (former Activities Coordinator; Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Chemical, Biological, & Materials Engineering)

Suiyi Su (Guest, currently living in Gainesville, Florida; graduate from the University of Florida)

Ik-Seong Joo (Guest, Adjunct Instructor, Architecture; still lives in Norman)

Huy V. Huynh (former Vice President, 2010-2012) (BS in Industrial Engineering; US Navy)

Wee Loon Ong (Guest, Edmond, OKC Badminton Club, graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma; returned to Singapore)

Jo-Wyee Loh (Guest, Edmond, OKC Badminton Club, graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma; returned to Malaysia)

Aulia Hill (Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering)

Scott Thuong (Ph.D., Mathematics; currently Professor of Math at Pittsburg State University, Missouri)

Surapas "Q" Sitthisa (graduated with Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering; currently living in Bartlesville, OK)

Andrew Fang (Guest, Norman; spouse of a faculty member; now living in Vancouver, Canada)

Mangesh Edke (former club president, 2002-2011; graduated with Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering; currently living in Houston, Texas)

I-Hsuan (Abel) Tseng (Graduate Student, Geography)

Gordon Abra (Faculty, Sociology)

Shi Hui Poh (Guest, UCO; returned to Singapore)

David Jonsson (Business, Sweden)

Jiang Jiang (MBA, China)

Jeffrey Jer-Ping Chia (Staff, Financial Aid Services, Malaysia)

Kedar Sapkal (Mechanical Engineering, India)

Xin Chen (Visiting Faculty, Confucius Institute; returned to China)

Tyler Owens (former Club President, 2007-2010, Arts & Sciences, current MD student at OUHSC, USA)

Maya Pennell (Business, Japan)

Sebastien Courtois (Staff, OU Jimmie Austin Golf Course, France)

Trung Tran (Ph.D. Student, Geography, Vietnam)

Greg Bellec (Civil Engineering, France)

Wenwu Xia (Staff, CIMMS, China)

Han Sang Yi (Faculty, Accounting, Korea)

Amelie Tetzlaff (Exchange Student, Germany)

Wan Zhong Hong (Visiting Scholar, China)

Yilong Ni (Lecturer, Mathematics, China)

Hui Tang (Graduate Student, Chemistry China)

Nathalie Claisse (Exchange Student, France)

Laura Seyler (former club Vice President, English, France)

Mayumi Saito (Arts and Sciences, Japan)

Sunny Wong (Guest; Oklahoma City)

Si-Yuan Liu (Guest; Weatherford, China)

Yan Sun (Guest; Tulsa)

Sarah Raymond (Guest, France)

Santhosh Parameswaran (OU Staff, India)

Bruno Thienard (Exchange Student, France)

Cherry Yueling Wang (Staff, IT)

Joseph Thottunkal (Graduate Student, India)

Matt Madeiro (Undergrad, Journalism & Mass Communication)

Chin-Chia Liang (Taiwan, MBA)

Tillmann Kleppe (USA & Germany, Business)

Masayuki Akaishi (Japan, Hitachi Corp.)

Chetan Joshi (India, Kansas City)

Yen-Soon Low (Malaysia, MBA)

Bram van den Langenberg (Netherlands, Meteorology)

Natsue Tsuchida (Japan, Economics)

Sung-Hoon Sim (South Korea, former Club President 2004-05)

Jeffrey Saw (MS Engineering; living in Tulsa)

Patrick Steelman (USA, Tinker AB)

Chek Ting (Malaysia, Civil Engineering, a legend)

Alex Tang (former Club President, Malaysia, Architecture; currently general contractor in the KL area, Malaysia)

Lee Song Koh (Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering, Malaysia; currently Instructor of Computer Science at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas)

Atul Agarkar (former Club President, India, Computer Science; currently living and working in Chicago, Illinois)

Deepak Kamath (1993-1996, Computer Science, India; currently living in Dallas, Texas) g Hoon Sim

Jan Hines (USA, MBA)

Annette Braun (Environmental Sciences, Germany)

Magnus Wennemyr (Sweden)

Fred Irani (India)

Hock Chieng (BS in Civil Engineering; returned to Malaysia)

Aparna Venkumahanti (India)

Simon Wong (Malaysia)

Max Yap (Singapore)

Huei Yeh (Taiwan)

Wee Sian Lau (Malaysia)

Tze Chin Tan (Malaysia)

Tan Seng Coon (Malaysia)

Ning (Malaysia)

Andrew Soo (Malaysia)

For a list of current club members, please click here.

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