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Earnings Distribution

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OU Earnings Distribution

doc Budget Revision & EDR Instructions (doc)
EDR instructions begin on page 6.

Earnings Distribution Request (EDR)

Every budgeted position should have an assigned department from which the payroll expense will be shown.  The earnings distribution should be used to change an existing position or, after initial setup in HR, add pay distribution to a new position.  Please see instructions in the right section for further information.

If you are a Norman Campus employee and have had access granted to the Oracle budget system, you can go directly there.

Other items to note:

  1. Effective Date is the key to an earnings distribution.  Please review payroll dates for proper effective dates at the beginning of each pay period. For temporary (current-year) changes, the current date will default into this field.  Unless the funding is from a grant, it is important to use the beginning of a pay period for the effective date (the ePAF will set the specific date for beginning of pay).  For a new position or one that has not yet been assigned a distribution, the user will need an effective date of the beginning of the fiscal year (07/01/XX).
  2. When entering a position change for a grant department, please enter the end date of the grant in the comments field.  Also note that grant account (object) codes are restricted to only 630005, 631105, 632505, 637005, 650005, 699905, 700005.
  3. Updates to earning distribution changes occur nightly and are available for review the next morning.
  4. Contact HR to establish a new position number or to change the department code.  Once the position has been added to the HR system, you should be able to bring up the position on the earnings distribution screen and set up the department and account codes for distribution.
  5. Please note that changing a position’s distribution does not affect an employee’s title, FTE, or salary.  All such changes can be accomplished on an ePAF through Human Resources.
  6. Denial of an on-line revision or return of a paper copy can be due to several reasons:
    1. Wrong effective date.
    2. Wrong account code for a position.
    3. No end date for a grant distribution.

Approval Process and Flow

The approval process for EDRs follows two routes depending on its status as a temporary or permanent transaction.  Please note that Level 1 (Sponsor) is controlled by the department through FAMS.

Current YearNext Year
1. Sponsor1. Sponsor
2. Dean/Director2. Dean/Director
3. Vice president3. Vice president
4. N/A4. N/A
5. Grants (if applicable)5. N/A
6. N/A6. N/A
7. Office of Budget & Financial Planning
7. Office of Budget & Financial Planning