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Position Control

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OU Position Control

The Position Control Detail reports funding, expenses, budget revisions, and payroll expense transfers, but not maintenance and operations budgets. The projected expenditures for filled positions (encumbrances) result from standard calculations.  The report provides:

  1. Line-item recording and maintenance of the salary budget, including detailed historical data.
  2. Line-item recording of salary commitments and expenditures.
  3. Line-item and summary comparisons of budgeted, committed and expended funds.
  4. All payroll expenditures charged to each position number within each department and any adjustments that may have occurred through payroll expense transfers.
  5. The amount of funding budgeted to each position and all adjustments through budget revisions.
  6. The projected expenditure for each position.
  7. The projected fund balance of each position through fiscal year-end.


The Position Control Detail and the Financial Services reports are related, and the university relies on this information for financial projections, reviews, and reports.  Department sponsors are responsible for the information that applies to their department(s) and should ensure that the information is correct. If inconsistencies appear, the department sponsor should reconcile the differences within each account code.



ACCT  Account Code

  60XX05 Teaching Faculty Salaries

  62XX05 Renewable-Term Faculty Salaries

  63XX05 Other Faculty Salaries

  65XX05 Staff Salaries

  70XX05 Staff Wages

2POS  Position Number
3GRP  Pay Group
4EMPLID  Employee #
5NAME  Employee's Name
6DATE   Pay Period Ending Date

ERNCD  Earnings Code

8Y-T-D EXPENDITURE is the gross amount of payroll expense charged to a position.  Departments may change the distribution amount of a position by submitting an Earnings Distribution Request via the budget system or, after a payroll, submitting an approved payroll expense transfer form to Financial Support Services.
9POSITION GROSS is the total annual position salary of the employee assigned currently to the position.  This amount may differ from the FUNDED AMOUNT if changes have occurred.
10FUNDED AMOUNT is assigned to the position at the beginning of the fiscal year.  Departments may make changes in this amount with a budget revision.  The position control report will show the budget revisions made during the fiscal year.
11FUNDED LESS ACTUAL Y-T-D EXPEND represents the funding remaining for the position for the fiscal year.
12FUND BALANCE is the current funded amount minus the total Y-T-D expenditure.  This amount indicates whether there may be an excess or a deficit at fiscal year-end.
13REVISION AMOUNT indicates budget revisions to a particular position.
14REVISION ID is the budget revision number that also shows on monthly financial reports.