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What People Are Saying

An overwhelming majority of students who attended Camp Crimson reported that the experience helped prepare them for college, helped enhance their knowledge of the traditions of OU, helped them make lasting friendships, and helped them feel like part of the OU family.

“My Camp Crimson experience was surreal. The entire weekend was full of non-stop fun. I barely had time to take it all in. I met so many great people and built lasting relationships with them. Camp Crimson was the perfect gateway into college life. An experience that to this day would be difficult to top. Camp Crimson is a must for any incoming student.”

Max Bevan

Lucas, TX


 “I'm so glad I went to Camp Crimson! I was raised not far from Norman and my dad was a Ruf/Nek when he was in college so I knew all the songs and traditions but it's so much more than that. I met so many great people and got a whole new look at campus and the university's history.”

Maeghan Madden

Oklahoma City, OK


“I came all the way from Savannah, Georgia, not knowing one person at OU. After going to Camp Crimson I ended up meeting SO many people that I am still good friends with to this day! I felt like a true Sooner after camp, and my small group leaders were so awesome, I'm for sure applying to be a SGL leader for this summer!”

Skye Cornwell

Savannah, GA


“I never went to Camp Crimson and never really had participation with camp in any capacity until this last summer. I had the time of my life as a Small Group Leader! I can't believe I didn't go as an incoming student, and in retrospect I really wish I had. EVERYONE who has the opportunity to go to Camp Crimson should go. I promise you will not regret it.”

Benjamin Becker

Bixby, OK


 “There's no better way to learn about and feel like you're already a part of the OU community before you start your semester in the fall. As a camper I loved being exposed to traditions and the spirit of campus, but Camp went so far beyond simple orientation by helping me befriend classmates and upperclassmen alike. I loved having a support network of friends and familiar faces before I'd stepped foot into a classroom.

Nick Aguilera

Oklahoma City, OK


“Camp Crimson is not just an amazing weekend packed with excitement, nor is it just a way for you to get connected with the many people here at OU. Camp Crimson is the perfect start to the greatest college experience of your life. It puts the ‘home’ in Okla-HOME-a.”

Nick Mrasek

Southlake, TX


Camp Crimson made me feel like I was already a part of the OU family, and I had only been there for few days. When I got back from camp that summer, I was bouncing off the walls with excitement for the new school year to begin. Being a camper as well as a small group leader has been one of my greatest memories since being a student here at OU, and I recommend it for any incoming student!”

Sahar Naderpour

Edmond, OK


"Camp Crimson is a camp that will change your college experience. Whether it’s from ‘dropping your cool’ or making life-long friends, Camp Crimson is definitely a must-do for incoming freshmen."

Ethan Murray

Hinton, OK


“I loved Camp Crimson this past summer. I ended up becoming friends with people I otherwise never would have met and four other girls in my group ended up being my sorority sisters. I would recommend Camp Crimson to all incoming freshman as a great way to learn more about OU and make bonds with students who are excited about their freshman year.

Taylor Thompson

Coppell, TX


“I did not attend Camp Crimson when I started at OU. My personality then was very shy and reserved and I thought I would not feel comfortable attending camp and I regret that decision greatly. I am so glad that I was able to be a Small Group Leader. I met a ton of amazing people and have made awesome friends. I encourage all incoming students to go to camp. It will be the BEST experience of your life at OU.”

Amy Gordon

Del City, OK

"...going to camp allowed [my daughter] to get a preview of what she was going to be getting into once she was a freshman in college. She had a head start on where her classes were going to be held as well as the financial aid office, the health center, and the Union. Not to mention the upper-class counselors were very kind and exchanged numbers with her to assist her with anything she needed."

Michelle Cameron

Houston, TX


"Camp Crimson inaugurates the college experience for incoming freshman at a very high level of energy and quality interaction. I've never seen anything like it. To begin with, the planners structure a very exciting few days of encounters with OU traditions, other new students, and simple familiarity with everything OU. The student counselors do an incredible job of drawing every camper into the best possible interactions with the other campers. Finally, the students are encouraged to have the most positive exchanges with the Namesakes and the faculty and staff present, and I can attest to the success of those conversations and great times together. The end result is a 'camp' full of exuberant learning and successful community building that will stand as the model for the college experience of every student in attendance. I can't imagine a better way to begin college life than Camp Crimson."

- Dr. Robert Con Davis-Undiano



"There is no question that the camp built a sense of belonging and community. The campers had to feel that they were becoming part of something much bigger than themselves. Teamwork and group participation were encouraged through the camp activities, and I believe that for many of the campers, that experience will increase campus participation during their freshman year and beyond. It was wonderful working with both the campers and the camp counselors. It gave me great confidence in young people and it our future at OU and in the country. There are very talented young people coming to OU. When our campers wrote and performed both their skit and family chant, it was nothing short of amazing. I will never forget hearing that chant."

- Dr. Allen Knehans