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Advertising prepares students for positions in news, media, advertising, in-house advertising departments, and advertising agencies. They may work as copywriters, production artists, researchers, account supervisors, media buyers, and sales representatives. Advertising professionals create persuasive messages that are intended to inform consumers about products and services and persuade them to purchase the products. Outlets for advertising messages include print magazines and newspapers, radio and television, and billboards. The Internet and other new media are creating new and exciting challenges.

Career Opportunities

  • Media Salesperson
  • Advertising Manager
  • Brand/Product Manage
  • Advertising Agency
  • Account Executive
  • Copywriter/Art Director
  • Media Planner/Buyer
  • Researcher
  • Production Person
  • Creative Services
  • Administration /Management
  • Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Director
  • Events Planner
  • Speech Writer
  • Sales Representative
  • Retail Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • Government Advisor
  • Consumer Advocate
  • Lobbyist
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Fundraising
  • Bank Officer
  • Corporate Communications

Related Skills

Hiring Institutions

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Corporate Advertising Departments
  • Churches
  • Colleges and Schools
  • Community Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Civil Rights Commission
  • Consumer Affairs Office
  • Defense Department
  • Federal Communications Commission
  • Foreign Service
  • Hospitals
  • Market Research Firms
  • Media
  • Public Relations Agencies
  • Sales

Personal Attributes

Career Paths of Recent Graduates

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