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Aviation careers include both flying and non-flying career paths. A degree with a Professional Pilot concentration can prepare you for positions as pilots with military, government or private sector employers in a variety of mission roles. These careers require certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration in a number of flying skills, hours of experience and aircraft technology competencies.

There are also numerous career opportunities in the support infrastructure organizations associated with flying. These include public sector jobs related to air traffic control and flight safety, private sector jobs related to supplying and servicing aircraft, managing flight operations, marketing flying services and airline passenger services.

Career Opportunities

  • Airline Pilot
  • Airport Management
  • Air Ambulance Pilot
  • Air Traffic
  • Aviation Business Manager
  • Aviation Law
  • Accident Investigator
  • Corporate Pilot
  • Flight Instructor
  • Air Marshal
  • Law Enforcement Pilot
  • Aircraft Sales, Leasing & Insurance
  • FAA Employment
  • Corporate or Airline Management
  • Flight Dispatcher
  • Flight Schedule Coordinator
  • Planning & Development Manager
  • Aeronautical Charting

Related Skills

Hiring Institutions

Flying Positions

Non-Flying Positions

  • Corporations
  • Airlines
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Military
  • Air Freight Companies
  • Flying Schools
  • Air Ambulance Services
  • Radio/Television
  • Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Airports
  • Airplane Dealers
  • Federal Aviations Administration
  • Air Freight Companies
  • Airlines
  • Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Insurance Companies

Career Paths of Recent Graduates

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