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International & Area Studies

International & Area Studies is designed to provide interdisciplinary social science background for students interested in careers outside the US or in international agencies within the US. It will enable students to study the culture, history and political economy of regions outside the US, study critical global issues, acquire a high level of proficiency in a second language, and develop a global perspective.

Career Opportunities

  • Community Organization Worker
  • Congressional Legislative Aide
  • Customs Inspector
  • Diplomatic Officer
  • FBI/CIA Agent
  • Foreign Travel Escort Officer
  • Foreign Information Officer
  • Foreign Export Manager
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Foreign News Correspondent
  • Intelligence Specialist
  • International Conference Planner
  • International Broadcaster
  • Missionary
  • News Writer (foreign languages)
  • Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Teacher/College, High School
  • Training Instructor
  • Internal Auditor
  • Community Relations
  • Customs Manager
  • Diplomatic Aide
  • ELS Teacher
  • Flight Attendant
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Foreign Student Advisor
  • Foreign Diplomat
  • Foreign Exchange Program Director
  • Immigration Inspector
  • Immigration Consultant
  • International Account Manager
  • International Relations Specialist
  • National Security Agent
  • Overseas Personnel Manager
  • Tour Guide
  • Travel Agent
  • United Nations Worker

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