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Meteorology is the science of the atmosphere, which blends physics, mathematics, chemistry, and computer science to provide a theoretical and practical framework for studying the complex behavior of our dynamic atmosphere. Meteorology is one of the oldest of modern sciences. The word itself was coined by Aristotle more than two thousand years ago for the first textbook on the science of “things lifted up.” Over the ensuing centuries, meteorology fathered several of our basic scientific disciplines and led the way in applying scientific knowledge to the needs of society.

Career Opportunities

  • Weather Forecasting
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Consulting
  • Air Quality Meteorology
  • Forensic Meteorology
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Atmospheric Dynamics
  • Climatology
  • Numerical Modeling
  • Boundary Layer
  • Development of Atmospheric Measurements & Instrumentation
  • Applied Research
  • Basic Research
  • Technical Marketing
  • Severe Storms
  • Cloud Physics
  • Weather Communications

Related Skills

  • Developing and writing research proposals
  • Reviewing scientific literature
  • Summarizing research findings
  • Informing, explaining, and instructing
  • Preparing technical reports
  • Defining research problems
  • Developing research models
  • Establishing hypotheses
  • Gathering and analyzing data
  • Evaluating ideas
  • Seeing relationships among factors
  • Drawing meaningful conclusions
  • Field sampling
  • Measuring distances, sizes, and relationships
  • Performing calculations
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Maintaining records
  • Utilizing mathematical formulas
  • Designing equipment
  • Identifying and classifying materials and specimens
  • Observing data and things
  • Establishing and controlling experimental designs
  • Designing/using computer simulations
  • Using instruments
  • Weather forecasting


Hiring Institutions

  • National Weather Service
  • Industrial and Commercial Companies
  • Utilities Companies
  • Farming and Ranching Companies
  • Ocean Shipping Firms
  • Highway Department
  • Commodity Trading Firms
  • Passenger Airlines and Cargo Haulers
  • Specialized Environmental Services
  • Air Quality Control
  • Meteorological Software
  • Development and Support
  • Weather Information Systems
  • Forensic Meteorology
  • Federal and State Government
  • Research Laboratories
  • Technology Transfer
  • Design & Manufacturing Companies
  • Monitoring Companies
  • Remote Sensing Companies
  • Government Laboratories - National Oceanic and Atmospheric
  • Government Laboratories - Administration
  • Government Laboratories - Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological
  • All Branches of the Military
  • US Air Force
  • US Navy
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Universities Space Research Administration
  • National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Private Organizations and Small Business
  • Over 100 Universities and Colleges in the US and Canada
  • Major Networks, Cable Channels, and Small Market Stations
  • Private Weather Firms
  • Firms that Generate Forecasts and Develop On-Air Graphics
  • National Laboratories

Personal Attributes

  • Independence
  • Intellectual growth
  • Achievement
  • Enthusiasm for exploration, travel, and outdoor work
  • Spirit of scientific inquiry
  • Resourcefulness
  • Imagination
  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Dedication

Career Paths of Recent Graduates

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