There is one nationwide employer that will continue to annually fill hundreds of thousands of high-paying, secure, dynamic jobs. Who is this employer? The federal government. Annually, the government will hire more than 200,000 new employees throughout the United States, including tens of thousands of interns and recent graduates.

The massive federal hiring wave will continue in spite of the ongoing national recession.

What’s more, U.S News & World Report described government jobs as a terrific deal and included “government manager” on its list of best careers—and that was even before various factors converged to make federal jobs particularly hot, hot properties. These factors include:

  • A hiring wave in the federal government—the nation’s largest employer—generated by record numbers of retiring Babyboomers.
  • Spiking unemployment rates in the private sector, which have increased the appeal of secure federal jobs. (Feds are rarely laid off and rarely fired.)
  • Increased appreciation for public service, which began after 9/11.

-Excerpt by Lily Whiteman, courtesy of jobweb.com

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