Research Employers
Before starting your research on employers and industries, it is important to be aware of your own eligibility as an international student. Having a thorough understanding of immigration laws and employment eligibility will help make the job search process less daunting, both for you and your potential employer. Your ability to explain the rules surrounding your eligibility to an employer will put them at ease and help smooth the process. One of your main responsibilities in the job search process is to educate the employer on how they can hire you.

When conducting research, be sure to focus on employers who sponsor H1B visas. Going Global provides a comprehensive database of H1B employers; including the total number of visas they have sponsored. This is a great resource to jump start your job search. Additionally, be sure to target organizations that do business abroad, particularly in your home country. Employers will find your relevant cross-cultural skills and language abilities an asset to their company. Finally, consider expanding your search to include other industries as well as larger, international firms on the east and west coasts. This will increase your chances of finding and obtaining employment.